Australia batsman Aaron Finch is thrilled with his current wave of success, and feels comfortable in saying he is ready for the Test arena despite being primarily thought of as a big-hitting T20 player.

Finch has risen in stature in recent months, since a magnificent 156 in a T20 against England started a string of big scores. A 148 against Scotland followed, and then two half centuries against India in recent days.

The Victoria batsman credits his new form to being allowed to play his own game, and no longer worrying about what people might think if he goes out early. He feels his is ready for a Test debut, having played 13 ODIs and nine T20 for Oz.

Finch told Cricinfo of the 156 off 63 balls against England: "I didn't go out with a plan to do that, it was just one of those innings where I saw the ball well, and felt like I made a really good decision.

"I wanted to go out there and dominate as you do in T20 and get the side off to a good start, but it just unfolded pretty quickly and I couldn't really rein it in after a while, I just kept going.

"One thing I've focused on is sticking to my game and my plans, and it was nice to have the support of the coaches and the captain to play my natural game.

"There's times when it doesn't work and you look like an idiot, but I'm prepared to wear that on the chin, and I'm sure that if I keep doing the right things, that I'll have success.

"What was really pleasing was that I went back to my natural game and didn't worry about perception or how I thought other people wanted me to play, and just played."

Finch also addressed his relatively low average, at under 30 in First Class cricket, saying he knew how it looked, but he had been working on his longer game and felt confident of being able to perform in Tests.

He said: "That's been an issue for a while obviously and I'd be stupid if I wasn't aware of it, but I feel like I can play well at international level now. It's not a technical thing, just a mental thing with the four-day game.

"I feel as though I've made some good improvements in the last 12 months to be able to deal with that, and hopefully take that game to another level. To play Test cricket is my ultimate goal still, I definitely haven't lost that ambition. I feel as though I'm now in a really good space to do that."

The opener went on to explain two vital reasons for his resurgence, saying coach Darren Lehmann's encouragement to play his natural game has been invaluable. Also crucial has been playing with international veterans during the IPL.

Finch said of Lehmann: "Boof's just encouraged me to play my natural game and really supported me with that, which obviously gives you a lot of confidence going into a series. Just not being bothered by things as well.

"I think at other times I've been a bit scared to get out, worried about the consequences instead of just batting, and that wears you down after a little while and plays on your mind.

"It was really refreshing and great to have the support that I've been picked for a reason, how I play and the runs I'd scored. So he's said continue doing that, continue to back yourself. If it comes off, it comes off and if it doesn't, better luck next time."

He added: "Spending time with great players from the subcontinent is invaluable I think. I spent two years with Virender Sehwag and Mahela Jayawardene, and I spoke to them a lot about batting in India and they were fantastic.

"Mahela averages 50 in Test cricket over many years for a reason. Just the different ideas they have on batting over there is quite unusual to how we're brought up, on pretty good wickets generally.

"You can't buy that kind of experience, to spend two months with those guys just training and talking cricket, different techniques and game plans you need to adjust to how India play cricket."