Australia all-rounder Shane Watson has called the tour to India 'the lowest point' in his career, and hopes to put that disastrous time behind him as he looks towards the Champions Trophy and the Ashes.

That tour saw the Aussies lose the Test series four-nil, as well as back room issues coming to the fore and overshadowing the cricket. The main incident was the Homework saga, where four players, including Watson, were dropped for not competing a team assignment.

The former vice-captain said: "Whatever happened throughout India, certainly for me personally, was the lowest point in my cricket career, there's no doubt about that.

"The decisions that were made were made for a reason and we certainly have to move forward as a team because we've got two series back-to-back of the biggest cricket we'll ever play.

"We've got a lot of big cricket coming up so we've got to put all the things that happened to us in India behind us. We've got to find ways to get the best out of ourselves as individuals and as a team.

"If we don't, then it could be a long 10 months but if we're able to bring it together then we could have a lot of fun."

The all-rounder then, for the umpteenth time, commented on the 'Homework saga' by saying that had he known matters had reached a critical level, he would have made more of an effort, but still accepted he was at fault.

Watto added: "If I had handed in my homework then I would have avoided it, that's probably as simple as it was. I look back and I certainly would have done that and I wouldn't have been in the situation that I was.

"There were certainly periods of time that things had been building up unbeknown to me, things that were really affecting certain people in the group but we've had to move because we've got so much big cricket coming up and it's a dream to be part of back-to-back Ashes series.

"Whatever's happened is certainly in the past. For me to be a part of hopefully this next little while of cricket continues to fuel my dream and also continue to realise the privilege I do have to play cricket for my country."