KP Book Review: Quite Light On Cricket

Peter Miller read Kevin Pietersen's telling autobiography, despite a plethora of excerpts laden across the internet. It is worth the money, but there isn't enough talk about cricket...

KP book review: Light on cricket, but that's ok

Peter Miller review's former England batsman Kevin Pietersen's much-anticipated autobiography.

KP book review: Light on cricket, but that's ok

The question for the punter isn't whether the stories in are true, but whether it is value for money. Is it worth forking out £20 to buy the hardback when all the juicy bits are in the papers?

Review: The Umpire Strikes Back - cricket-themed slots game

If the Test match between Australia and South Africa gets rained off, why not try a cricket based online game to keep you occupied?

Book review: 'Bouch: Through my eyes'

For Boucher, his life and outlook changed when that bail struck his eye in Taunton in 2012, just three matches away from his 150th Test and retirement. His 'bubble' was broken and the real world flooded in.