Book review: Time To Talk by Curtly Ambrose

Ambrose, dominant as a player but despondent as an observer, consistently rues the decline of West Indian cricket, but punctuates the disappointment with predictions of a return to the top in 15 years.

Book review - Sex and Drugs and Rebel Tours: The England Cricket Team in the 1980s

Peter May finds a new book on England in the 1980s to be informative and entertaining, if short on the promised vice and iniquity.

KP Book Review: Quite Light On Cricket

Peter Miller read Kevin Pietersen's telling autobiography, despite a plethora of excerpts laden across the internet. It is worth the money, but there isn't enough talk about cricket...

KP book review: Light on cricket, but that's ok

Peter Miller review's former England batsman Kevin Pietersen's much-anticipated autobiography.

KP book review: Light on cricket, but that's ok

The question for the punter isn't whether the stories in are true, but whether it is value for money. Is it worth forking out £20 to buy the hardback when all the juicy bits are in the papers?