Exclusive chat with SA and Hants' Barry Richards

Donald Bradman once said that cancelling the Australia series against South Africa in 1971, which resulted in SA's cricket isolation for 21 years 'was one of the saddest days of my life. It meant the end of Barry Richards' Test career.'

17 key quotes from Barry Richards' biography

Former South Africa batsman and Hampshire legend Barry Richards is the subject of a new biography, 'Sundial in the Shade. Here are some key quotes from the tome.

One retiree will be missed more than the other

Two more Australian cricketers will collapse on to the retirement heap in the next few days, joining Ryan Harris and most likely Brad Haddin, and of these two players, one will be missed more than the other.

Warner's bumpy road to self-respect

David Warner has transformed himself, over the past year or so, from a man Martin Crowe called 'thuggish' as early as January this year, into a husband and dad, and someone who has calmed down and matured.

Women destroy Ashes with their minds

No-one can focus on cricket for three months at a time, Ian Healy. Family is a good distraction, especially after a hard day.