Cricket365 Player of the Week

Smith - A ton at last.

C365 Player of the Week: Steve Smith

There hasn't been much cricket on the go this week (thanks, Indian weather!), so technically this should be our Player of the Fortnight, and in honour of such a rare title, we're giving it to a guy with rare talent.

Williamson - Pretty in pink.

C365 Player of the Week: Kane Williamson

You know how there was always that one kid at school who could do everything, play every sport, be a nice person, and look good doing it? South Africa has AB de Villiers as that kid, while New Zealand has Kane Williamson.

Chanderpaul - A machine.

C365 Player of the Week: Shiv Chanderpaul

There's a TV show made by the BBC called Top Gear (for readers who are new to planet earth) and in one episode they took a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck (Bakkie, Ute, etc) and smashed the crap out of it in all sorts of ways.

Faf - On fire.

C365 Player of the Week: Faf du Plessis

Faf, you can calm down now, you've made your point. You're our Player of the Week, which was your motivation all along, we know.

Rahane - A ton on Tuesday.

C365 Player of the Week: Ajinkya Rahane

One player who endured the Test series snow storm with somewhat better insulation was Ajinkya Rahane, and it was not surprising that he took that form into the ODI series.