Australia batsman David Warner is willing to risk permanent damage in his hand in order to play for his country in the first Test against India this weekend, saying a stiff joint would be worth the pain.

Warner was struck on the hand by Mitchell Johnson during a nets session three weeks ago, and should technically not be playing in Chennai on Friday, but he has decided to risk further harm by putting his name on the scoresheet.

A defiant Warner said: "I have a crack in the joint. Where the joint moves, in the corner I have cracked that part, which in the healing process can be worse if it's aggravated and if I put a cortisone (injection) in there.

"They (Cricket Australia doctors) have told me if it keeps moving around it won't heal properly and it can affect me down the track, so I might not have that range of movement in that joint for a long time.

"I have iced it every time after training, it has been sore yes, but that's what is going to happen with a break.

"They said to me initially (to rest for) three to four weeks, it's now coming up to the end of the third week and it is still pretty sore, but it is a process I am ready to go through to get through the first Test match.

"It is not affecting me at all, it is painful to bat with but I am prepared to put up with the pain to play for my country. I reckon I can do my job for the team and that's what I will set out to do."