Australia captain Michael Clarke has laid down the law to his batsmen ahead of the upcoming Tests, saying a player who gets a start against India will be expected to kick on and make a big score.

The first Test begins in Chennai on Friday, and Clarke concedes that playing on the sub-continent is difficult in terms of getting settled, which is why he wants players who get past the 30s to make sure they do a proper job.

Clarke said: "Like all players it's always tough at the start of your innings. What I know about players like Sachin (Tendulkar) is once they get in, especially in conditions they're so accustomed to, it's really difficult to get them out.

"So the key is if you get any sort of momentum in the subcontinent you have to run with it for as long as you possibly can. One of the things I spoke to the boys the other day about is that it's more crucial here if you get a start to go on and make a big score.

"So if you make a 50, a 60, a 70, and get out, you're more accountable there than the guy who made zero because it is a really difficult place to start, especially against spin or walking in against the reverse-swinging ball.

"So the guys who get a start, it's up to them to take the team forward and keep running with that momentum. The same if we get a wicket.

"We know it's hard for the new batter to start, so we need to be on our game as soon as that new batter comes in and run with the momentum for as long as possible."