Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf says India counterpart N. Srinivasan has agreed to a bilateral Test series between the sides at a neutral venue, but Ashraf is not holding his breath until it's on paper.

India have not played cricket in Pakistan since 2008, and no-one has played there since a terror attack in 2009. But the BCCI are trying hard to get other boards on their side ahead of the ICC vote about the new ruling proposals.

But Ashraf, who says he'll only believe the deal when he sees it on paper, is seemingly willing to agree to said deal, as long as the venues are picked by the PCB. He previously denied being on board with this plan in exchange for the PCB's vote.

Ashraf said: "Mr Srinivasan has reassured me they are serious about playing a bilateral series with us even at neutral venues of our choice, but eventually we will need some written assurances and firm guarantees that this series will happen.

"We want to be sure that this proposed series against India will actually take place, because you have to keep in mind that India had avoided playing regular bilateral series with us in recent years."

Ashraf also explained about a potential series with South Africa, far less fraught with complications, saying: "With South Africa we are looking to have a regular series named the Jinnah-Mandela trophy."