Former England spinner Graeme Swann has rather candidly expressed his opinion about in-form Australia opener David Warner, labelling him an 'average individual' and calling him out on his professed love of 'banter'.

Swann, who retired in the middle of the Ashes in Australia after a poor run of form (interestingly, often at the hands of Warner) was unimpressed with the opener's behaviour during the Ashes, and also in South Africa.

Swann said he didn't think Warner actually enjoyed being sledged in the middle, despite his claims that it made him bat better, saying this enjoyment of such banter would fade very quickly when he no longer scored a bucket of runs.

Swann told BBC radio: "He doesn't like being sledged. I know that because he said in the press conference, 'I love it when people have a go at me'.

"People who say that don't really like it. It's all part of the bravado. I remember Ian Bell saying something to him in Perth and his head nearly blew up.

"He's an intimidating player and he is riding a crest of a wave and having a purple patch. What will be interesting is when that patch finishes.

"Can he carry on with the same regard with his words and everything? Because I think that could make him fall harder than some other players."

Warner's inability to keep his opinions to himself, first about Swann's friend Jonathan Trott and then accusing South Africa of ball tampering, saw him fined by the ICC, and Swann was distinctly unimpressed.

Swann continued: "He is a very good player and one of those guys who really winds you up and comes across as a very average individual because of the things he says.

"He says that is the way he's been brought up so good luck to him. He's performing on the field but I would never pretend he is a bloke I want to have a beer with."