Australia Invitational XI

304 All out (103.4 Overs)
261 All out (88.5 Overs)



418 All out (102.5 Overs)
151/3 (38.4 Overs)
England win by 7 wickets
England in Australia Tour Matches | 12th Nov 2013 | Ground: Sydney Cricket Ground

Innings: England 2nd   Australia Invitational XI 2nd   England 1st   Australia Invitational XI 1st  

England won the toss and decided to field

UMPIRES: S D Fry and M D Martell

England - 2nd Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
A N Cookb Muirhead2153014843.75
M A Carberrycaught sub b Muirhead50113087170.42
I J L Trottnot out38115047550.67
K P Pietersenb Tremain615011060.00
I R Bellnot out33401530110.00
Extras (NB 2, W 1, B 0, LB 0 ) 3
Total 3 wkts, 38.4 overs 151 (3.93 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-40 (Carberry)
Bowler O M R E W
C.P. Tremain12.41493.951
J.K. Lalor5.0191.800
N.D. Bills7.00273.860
J. Muirhead14.00664.712
Australia Invitational XI - 2nd Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
E J M Cowanb Broad421460610440.38
AJ Finchc Carberry b Swann59811106098.33
C J Fergusonb Finn26100138729.89
K.R. Pattersonb Broad22110128226.83
B.J. Rohrerc Bairstow b Rankin1319031681.25
R Cartersc Bairstow b Swann40109088348.19
P.M. Nevillc Bairstow b Finn1147022937.93
J.K. Lalorc Bell b Rankin823101650.00
C.P. Tremainc Pietersen b Finn2052033458.82
J. Muirheadc Bairstow b Rankin41101850.00
N.D. Billsnot out722001643.75
Extras (NB 2, W 0, B 4, LB 3 ) 9
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 88.5 overs 261 (2.95 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-81 (Cowan), 2-81 (Finch)
Bowler O M R E W
S C J Broad16.08322.002
S T Finn20.56884.293
W B Rankin21.07462.193
G P Swann27.010692.562
I J L Trott1.0033.000
J E Root3.00165.330
England - 1st Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
A N Cookc Nevill b Bills8121801013659.56
M A Carberryc Nevill b Lalor427011822.22
I J L Trottc Nevill b Lalor8315701410579.05
K P Pietersencaught sub b Muirhead5795277180.28
I R Bellc Rohrer b Muirhead3553044577.78
J E Rootb Bills751640910670.75
J M Bairstowc Nevill b Tremain48124059650.00
S C J Broadc Carters b Bills1623021984.21
G P Swannc Cowan b Muirhead1126021291.67
S T Finnc Finch b Muirhead070070.00
W B Rankinnot out31000560.00
Extras (NB 3, W 1, B 1, LB 0 ) 5
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 102.5 overs 418 (4.08 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-182 (Root), 2-182 (Bairstow)
Bowler O M R E W
C.P. Tremain25.051014.041
J.K. Lalor26.07993.812
N.D. Bills22.02763.453
J. Muirhead22.511155.114
B.J. Rohrer2.0042.000
AJ Finch5.01224.400
Australia Invitational XI - 1st Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
AJ Finchc Bairstow b Broad4701757.14
E J M Cowanc Trott b Finn51143089354.84
C J Fergusonlbw b Broad839023026.67
K.R. Pattersonc Cook b Finn524011145.45
B.J. Rohrerc Carberry b Broad1958014839.58
R Cartersc Bairstow b Broad9423911020047.00
P.M. Nevillc Bairstow b Finn832571916949.11
J.K. Lalorc Swann b Finn01600140.00
C.P. Tremainc Carberry b Rankin12400185.56
J. Muirheadnot out14420213107.69
N.D. Billsc Carberry b Finn627002425.00
Extras (NB 5, W 2, B 0, LB 12 ) 19
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 103.4 overs 304 (2.94 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Cowan), 2-4 (Rohrer)
Bowler O M R E W
S C J Broad24.010371.544
W B Rankin23.05632.741
S T Finn28.441033.635
G P Swann22.05663.000
I J L Trott5.01224.400
J E Root1.0011.000