Western Cape Invitation XI

117 All out (36.1 Overs)
201/3 (49.0 Overs)


England Under 19s

132/7 Dec (60.0 Overs)
182/5 Dec (55.0 Overs)
Western Cape Invitation XI win by 7 wickets
England Under 19s in South Africa Tour Matches 2013 | 23rd Jan 2013 | Ground: Wally Wilson Oval

Innings: Western Cape Invitation XI 2nd   England Under 19s 2nd   Western Cape Invitation XI 1st   England Under 19s 1st  

UMPIRES: M W Brown and A Paleker

Western Cape Invitation XI - 2nd Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
J.P.C. Newbyc Duckett b Barber29341425116.00
S. Malliec Tattersall b Shrewsbury2158134843.75
K. Smithc Griffiths b Tattersall2247044153.66
H. van der Bergnot out8611421210978.90
Z. Hamzanot out3589057149.30
H.H.J. Kotze000000
R.P.W. Cyster000000
D. Christians000000
A. Mather000000
J.G. Dill000000
A. Adams000000
G.R. Oliver000000
Extras (NB 0, W 1, B 6, LB 1 ) 8
Total 3 wkts, 49.0 overs 201 (4.10 runs per over)
Bowler O M R E W
T. Barber9.03343.781
R. Gibson6.00427.000
K Velani6.01162.670
T.W. Shrewsbury11.04322.911
E. Barnard4.00205.000
J.A. Tattersall5.02163.201
M.A.H. Hammond8.00344.250
England Under 19s - 2nd Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
J.A. Tattersallc Kotze b Dill010010.00
D.P. Sibleyret5499078861.36
B.M. Duckettlbw b Smith2679036142.62
K Velanic Smith b Newby1957034740.43
C.F. Jacksonnot out2891028632.56
E. Barnardc Kotze b Mather915001752.94
R. Gibsonnot out33361533100.00
T.W. Shrewsbury000000
T. Barber000000
H.Z. Finch000000
S.J. Thakor000000
O P Stone000000
M.A.H. Hammond000000
G T Griffiths000000
J. Shaw000000
Extras (NB 3, W 0, B 9, LB 1 ) 13
Total Declared, 5 wkts, 55.0 overs 182 (3.31 runs per over)
Bowler O M R E W
J.G. Dill6.01172.831
G.R. Oliver4.01133.250
D. Christians14.03483.430
A. Mather12.04302.501
K. Smith7.01243.431
Z. Hamza4.00143.500
J.P.C. Newby7.00223.141
H. van der Berg1.0044.000
Western Cape Invitation XI - 1st Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
K. Smithlbw b Shaw12900185.56
J.P.C. Newbyc Jackson b Stone1626032369.57
H. van der Bergc Jackson b Shaw2175034250.00
Z. Hamzac Stone b Griffiths1222021866.67
H.H.J. Kotzeb Thakor117029122.22
R.P.W. Cysterb Thakor4700666.67
D. Christiansb Hammond1137022937.93
J.G. Dillc Finch b Hammond22000825.00
S. Malliec Sibley b Hammond119021291.67
A. Mathernot out23400238.70
A. Adamsc Jackson b Sibley1427023243.75
G.R. Oliver000000
Extras (NB 4, W 0, B 6, LB 2 ) 12
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 36.1 overs 117 (3.24 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-17 (Newby), 2-17 (Smith), 3-36 (Hamza), 4-48 (Kotze), 5-56 (Cyster), 6-74 (van der Berg), 7-82 (Christians), 8-94 (Mallie), 9-117 (Adams)
Bowler O M R E W
O P Stone6.03183.001
G T Griffiths7.00223.141
J. Shaw8.00243.002
S.J. Thakor3.01113.672
M.A.H. Hammond9.02262.893
E. Barnard3.0182.670
D.P. Sibley0.1001
England Under 19s - 1st Innings
Batsman   Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
J.A. Tattersallc Newby b Oliver520001926.32
D.P. Sibleylbw b Dill332002611.54
H.Z. Finchret521410710450.00
B.M. Duckettc van der Berg b Mather1255014129.27
S.J. Thakorlbw b Cyster3083057142.25
C.F. Jacksonc Kotze b Dill12700185.56
E. Barnardrun out214001513.33
O P Stonenot out1047013627.78
M.A.H. Hammondnot out844003324.24
Extras (NB 3, W 2, B 4, LB 0 ) 9
Total Declared, 7 wkts, 60.0 overs 132 (2.20 runs per over)
Bowler O M R E W
J.G. Dill13.04262.002
G.R. Oliver10.03191.901
S. Mallie6.00142.330
A. Mather10.04121.201
D. Christians7.01334.710
R.P.W. Cyster7.0291.291
H. van der Berg7.03152.140