SA fans are up all night to get lucky

Being a South African cricket fan is a bit like dating a really beautiful, often brilliant woman. The down side is that she's very, very shy.

The ECB rivals the Kremlin for secrecy

The only real difference between the ECB and the Soviets is that the cricket board leaks a lot more and arrests people for sedition a bit less.

Opinion: AB's aggression is key for SA

They've played a brand of fearless cricket that very few teams could get away with. They are lead by the most fearless cricketer out there at the moment in AB de Villiers.

This week in history: 18 to 24 March

We can all use a bit of extra pub quiz trivia power, so herewith a new column that gives you weekly bits of cricketing knowledge to impress your mates/bore the person you're flirting with.

Opinion: ICC rules biased against bowlers

The average of the five highest totals in the 2011 World Cup was 355. In this edition so far it is 396. Who'd be a bowler these days?