AB and Rilee, master and apprentice

The apprentice and his master didn't so much as quiver at the task. Steadily at first, the pair kept the strike ticking over, far better than Amla and Du Plessis, in fact.

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More than a third into the 2015 World Cup's 49 matches, opportunity knocks to judge the five best performances so far...

Six most memorable World Cup moments

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Opinion: An alternative to a 10-team World Cup

In the science fiction television series, Star Trek, set in the 24th century, baseball is an obscure sport that nobody plays or watches any more. On current trends, this will be the fate of cricket by the middle of this century.

Opinion: Gayle is pure entertainment

Peter Miller is in awe of Chris Gayle, after this week's whirlwind World Cup double-century against Zimbabwe in Canberra.