Smith's stint with Surrey is a dying example.

Opinion: Where have all the county foreigners gone?

In county cricket there are fewer international players than ever before. While there was a time where every county had a Test superstar those days are but a distant memory.

Dernbach - Expensive.

Op ed: England, Dernbach are dire, Kohli is not

As the dust settles on the World T20 it is time to look at what can be learnt from the event. As ever, it has been full of important life and cricketing lessons.

Holland's win over Ireland.

Eight Memorable Moments from the WT20

The recently concluded World Twenty20 was filled with a number of interesting match-ups, close calls, brilliant catches, Virat Kohli eyebrow raises, and some very entertaining fumbles in the field.

Johnson - Poster child for experience.

Opinion: A 'new era'? No, just a rubbish team

The phrase 'transitional period' is a linguistic device designed to distract from the fact that your team is currently rubbish. It implies a temporary state; something outside the norm; a bridge between two eras of relentless success

Bairstow and Taylor - Discarded.

The Starting XI: England's Discarded XI

The Flower era has been characterised by players fitting in and playing and those that don't squeeze into the mould being discarded. There have been enough players that England have disposed of to make a 'Discarded XI'.