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Hello loyal readers,

Are you enjoying the IPL? The first leg, in the UAE, was not a fun one for the defending champions from Mumbai, as they lost five out of five. One cannot imagine they''' be able to recover from there... right?

If you're not into the controversial tournament, are you looking ahead to the new international season? We start with Sri Lanka's tour to the UK and Ireland, which promises some interesting clashes.

Both England and Sri Lanka have new head coaches, and have done some shuffling in the teams. Who are you looking forward to watching, and are you excited to get some Test cricket on your screens again? We are!

Team C365

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Posted 12/06/2014 @ 9:43

Will Sri Lanka ever produce a bowler with a legitimate action?discuss....

Posted 05/06/2014 @ 12:02

@mash,just love to see this gran prix racing,is there an age limit?

Posted 18/05/2014 @ 7:08

is the word chokers just another word for match this space . I will mention performances that I believe just made you think but how did he/they lose that

Posted 15/05/2014 @ 0:05

This Gooch v. Cook thing,Gooch was finished simply by lack of results,Cook seems to be allowing himself to have his name put to things of which he has no knowledge or the ability to achieve,or did he offer Gooch,s performance to the board as an excuse for his own failings?
I personally think both should have walked,as will Cook and Moores in less than twelve months time.

Posted 13/05/2014 @ 18:24

as I now have no trust in cricket authorities iv lost my interest in all forms. flintoff comeback is another staged public scheme. its becoming like gran prix racing and wrestling with its seasonal faked dramas to get public interest.

Posted 02/05/2014 @ 11:55

Wow - ICC rankings are the biggest joke in cricket!!! Aus win the Ashes and one other series and are suddenly world #1????? No wonder cricket is such a minority sport in world terms compared to soccer, tennis, golf, F1 etc. Disgusted!!!

Posted 01/05/2014 @ 18:44

well well well..................I have given up in believing that cricket rankings are not can a team jump 15 points when it only won 2 series in last four years. so that means whatever south Africa did for 6 years meant nothing when they lost by one test match to one of the crooked three. well that's amazing. well at least we know the only series that's important on tv [ashes]that's shoved down our throat will be contested by no1 oz and engl .no.2 by the time next ashes starts . how convenient.

Posted 01/05/2014 @ 17:08

@shaunwindson well Saffas go to no. 2 now.

Posted 28/04/2014 @ 21:07

@Shaunswindon, I am afraid it is all to do with opinions, Asian teams now are all focused on Twenty20 and ODI cricket. MSD said when they come to England their main aim is to perform in ODI as for prepartions for world cup.

Test Cricket may be the real cricket where as techinque is concerned, but financially shorter format is taking over.

Every IPL everyone discusses this, getting rather boring, as always IPL is still going on and shorter format is dominating.

Posted 25/04/2014 @ 21:43

I do miss international cricket. Any form will do. Just not the fake stuff that's on at moment

Posted 25/04/2014 @ 11:49

Pom for the first time since I joined here do I agree with you my little troll. T20 is for the kids to play and watch. Test match Cricket is where the Men are separated from the Boys in my opinion.

I guess that's why South African team is ranked number one in that format.

Posted 25/04/2014 @ 9:15

It seems to me that all quick fix sports eventually lose their attraction by repetition and over exposure.
In the U.K.Snooker,another 147....yawn,Darts,one treble twenty looks very much like another even if you see three together!
20/20,as Pom alluded to,oh look another 6,how exciting! struck by a strapping chap who could not craft an innings batting in front of chalked on wickets against a gable end,let alone in a county or test match.

Posted 24/04/2014 @ 17:23

at first when 20/20 leaques popped up we were all excited to see the best playing together in a tournament not realising that they [so called best}were going to play to certain high standards only when it suits them .west indies comes to mind

Posted 24/04/2014 @ 12:12

Ray Jennings brings SA a world cup (under-19) and is promptly sacked! Pathetic CSA!!!!

Posted 23/04/2014 @ 16:08

@3rd_man...:IPL is terribly boring at the moment - no real appeal like previous years. Same old same old . . ." - perhaps you have just matured a bit? It was only ever for the uneducated anyway. WOW SIX