Ganguly backs India to retain World Cup title

2015 World Cup

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly is not worried about the side’s form in one-day cricket, and feels confident they will be able to defend their World Cup title in February next year.

India won the 2011 edition in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India, and though they will be playing in Australia and New Zealand in 2015, Ganguly doesn’t feel the change in conditions will be an issue.

Ganguly said on IANS: “India have got a good chance of defending the World Cup. They are a very good ODI side wherever they play. Whether it is Australia or England, they are a top one-day sides.

“Test matches overseas are an issue, but I am not really too worried about ODI performances and I think they will do well in Australia and New Zealand.”

The run in to the World Cup for most sides will be a glut of ODIs, with many being played in the Antipodes, and Ganguly feels the tri-series against England and the Aussies in January will do more good than harm in terms of preparation.

He added: “The players will get accustomed, but I don’t think they will get tired. They should not be thinking about this at all whether they are getting tired or not. The team will get a two-week break after the tri-series.

“They will come back to India and then go for the World Cup. A two-week break is enough these days.”