Australia World Cup kit revealed – they just do retro kits now and that’s okay

2019 Cricket World Cup
Cricket World Cup trophy generic PA

Australia have apparently made a bold decision to just do retro one-day kits now, and we’re okay with this.

The kit they wore against India in the new year was just lovely and, while the fundamental flaws of democracy means they’re left trying to polish the 1999 World Cup turd for next winter’s new retro effort, the one they’ve announced for this summer’s World Cup is absolutely tremendous.

Look at Glenn there. Magnificent. If a bit stretched for some weird reason. And his arms; my god, he’s hairier than Ricky Ponting. Anyway, the kit. Like all good Australia one-day kits, it’s unashamedly canary yellow and bright green, with none of that ridiculous pretence at gold, and the dalliances with dark green of the adidas years now happily a distant memory. Lovely stuff.

Chuck in some canary yellow helmets and it’s almost enough to have us hoping Australia win it again. Distressingly, that now appears possible after the come-from-behind 3-2 victory over India and thrashing of Pakistan.