WATCH: Cricket World Cup 2019 – England v West Indies highlights

2019 Cricket World Cup
Chris Gayle out England West Indies World Cup PA

1711 BST: England 213/2 (33.1 overs) – ENGLAND WIN BY EIGHT WICKETS
Well that’s a fitting way for this to end. A no-ball from Holder that Stokes muscles past cover for four. The free-hit is shovelled through midwicket for four more. And that’s that. England up to second with a magnificent performance. They will wait nervously on news of Jason Roy and Eoin Morgan, though. Those injuries in the field the only setbacks. England up to second in the table with games against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka to come.

1707 BST: Joe Root 100* (93b, 11×4, SR: 107.52)
Second hundred of the tournament for Root. First ever go as an ODI opener. Turns out he’s quite good at it. His third World Cup hundred, and 16th ODI ton in all.

1703 BST: England 200/2 (32 overs)
England’s 200 comes up with a wide. Feels appropriate.

WICKET! Chris Woakes c Hetmyer b Gabriel 40 (54b, 4×4, SR: 74.07)
Woakes falls into the trap that claimed so many West Indian wickets earlier, taking on the big square boundaries. Simple catch for sub fielder Fabian Allen who gets a big roar from the crowd behind him. He’s been having some fun out there.

1655 BST: England 193/1 (31 overs)
Two wides from Thomas in this over. Pretty much the only question left here: can West Indies bowl enough wides to stop Root getting to 100?

1646 BST: England 190/1 (30 overs)
Gabriel back into the attack. Root drives him down the ground for three. Woakes then almost caught out by the surprise good ball, Gabriel nipping one back between bat and pad. England need 23 from 20 overs as everyone stops for a drink. Here is some footage of West Indies’ best bowler today.

1640 BST: England 186/1 (29 overs)
Woakes pulls Brathwaite away to the midwicket fence. Root smacks Gayle through cover for four more. All joking aside, this has been an embarrassing performance from West Indies. And in such a crucial game. Root, meanwhile, has just gone back above Shakib Al Hasan at the top of the tournament run chart.

1635 BST: England 171/1 (27 overs)
Root and Woakes genuinely torn between wanting to try and dismantle Gayle’s straight-breaks yet being utterly terrified of handing him a wicket. Either way, this World Cup game now has the feel of a benefit game. Windies have been woeful.

1632 BST: England 166/1 (26 overs)
England knock Brathwaite around for six off the over without much fuss. It is genuinely only Gayle posing any problems right now.

1627 BST: England 160/1 (25 overs)
Gayle is mucking about. He is playing to the crowd. He is now quite literally bowling with his hat on. He is reviewing obviously not out lbw decisions because it is funny. He is bowling better than any other West Indies bowler.

1620 BST: England 150/1 (23 overs)
Another perfectly decent over from Gayle when you look beyond the pantomime. Anyway, the 150 is up for England.

1616 BST: England 146/1 (22 overs)
Root pulls Brathwaite for another four. So, so easy, this. Root is now 73 off 66, while Woakes is 19 off 20. In other words, Root is batting exactly like Jason Roy and Woakes is batting exactly like Joe Root. The partnership is 50 in 43 balls. The enforced reshuffle has made PRECISELY ZERO DIFFERENCE.

1611 BST: England 139/1 (21 overs)
Chris Gayle Is Titting About. Crowd are loving it. He fakes to review after hitting Root on the pad. He’s bowling in mirrored aviators. The only run off the over is unconvincingly chipped wide of mid-on by Woakes. It is the best over West Indies have bowled today.

1609 BST: Chris Gayle is going to have a bit of a bowl. Might as well.

1608 BST: England 138/1 (20 overs)
England absolutely racing to victory now. Going to be a big NRR win as well. Dreadful over from Thomas, a powderpuff short ball to start that Woakes cracks through point before Root pulls through square-leg for two and then with even more authority through midwicket for four.

1603 BST: England 125/1 (19 overs)
Easy game for Root. Two straight drives for four in the over. Has driven the ball beautifully all afternoon.

Joe Root England West Indies World Cup PA

1557 BST: Joe Root 50* (50b, 6×4, SR: 100.00)
A run-a-ball 50 for Joe Root. HTEHB?

1552 BST: England 112/1 (17 overs)
Another dreamy cover-drive from Root before Woakes continues to settle into life as a number-three batsman with a pull for four that almost justifies repeating the mediocre gag from the previous update.

1544 BST: England 100/1 (15 overs)
Chris Woakes gets off the mark with a gorgeous straight drive that a top-order batsman like Chris Woakes would have been proud of. Hundred up for England.

1540 BST: Chris Woakes in at number three, in accordance with the prophecy.

WICKET! Jonny Bairstow c Brathwaite b Gabriel 45 (46b, 7×4, SR: 97.82)
Bairstow just deciding to go fully on the offensive here. Baseballs Gabriel through midwicket for four and then, with three men out on the legside after that, decides to try and find the space on the offside. Instead, carves the ball straight down Brathwaite’s throat at third-man.

1533 BST: England 88/0 (14 overs)
Pride comes before a fall and all that, but England also on course for another tidy return on NRR here if they chase this with 15 or so overs to spare as currently looks likely. Could be so important as the dust settles when the group stage ends in 427 years’ time.

1529 BST: England 83/0 (13 overs)
There’s not exactly much intensity out there right now. The Win Predictor is currently giving England a 99% chance of victory. Root’s driving, though…

1525 BST: England 80/0 (12 overs)
Successive fours for Bairstow to fine-leg. He’s also now batting in a Masuri rather than Gray-Nicolls helmet and looking much the better for it. Gray-Nicolls are an excellent bat manufacturer, and they’ve got some lovely pads and gloves as well. But bless them, they’ve never yet made a helmet that was anything other than absolutely hideous.

1517 BST: Both physios been kept busy today, and they’re both on the field again here after a short ball from Russell strikes a glancing blow on Bairstow’s grille as it followed him. Russell, meanwhile, is down in his follow-through. He hobbles from the field while Bairstow is put through the on-field concussion tests. Bairstow, I think, is fine. Russell not so much.

1516 BST: England 69/0 (11 overs)
Bairstow taking the mick now, ramping Russell over the slip for another boundary. Good graph here, by the way, that shows how England are comfortably the most complete batting side at this tournament. They score boundaries more frequently than everyone else, while also facing fewer dot balls than anyone else. Handy combination.

1511 BST: England 62/0 (10 overs)
Bairstow understandably watchful in Holder’s first over, looking to make sure nothing happens to jeopardise England’s Phase win.

1506 BST: England 61/0 (9 overs)
It’s all too easy right now. Four more for Root, pulling a short ball behind square. Couple of wides give England a further helping hand they don’t particularly need.

1500 BST: England 53/0 (8 overs)
Russell gets through the over but he’s not remotely happy about it. Don’t think it’s going to be a long spell. He’s held together with tape and bandage.

1457 BST: England 50/0 (7.1 overs)
Russell into the attack, and doesn’t look exactly thrilled about it. Labours to the crease and serves up the gentlest loosener outside off stump which allows Root to unfurl another one of those picture-perfect drives for four. Up comes the 50 partnership.

1456 BST: England 46/0 (7 overs)
Root getting nothing in his own half from Gabriel here. Gets a couple of twos for a pull and a cut before bottom-edging one into his grille. No harm done. Gabriel tries to end the over with the shortest one of the lot, but it’s high over Root’s head and called wide. Quick single to end the over from the bonus ball. Required rate down to 3.88 already.

1450 BST: England 40/0 (6 overs)
Two handsome drives from what are admittedly throwdowns from Thomas. One for each batsman, both glorious, both with poses held. Bairstow’s straight back past the bowler, Root’s through cover. England getting precisely the start their forced rejig needed to avoid any additional consternation in the dressing room.

1445 BST: England 30/0 (5 overs)
Friendly half-volley from Cottrell is driven handsomely to the extra-cover boundary by Root, who adds a couple more with a controlled cut shot that has Thomas tumbling at third-man to prevent another four. No swing for Cottrell here, who ends the over with a short ball that climbs over Root’s attempted hook. Not the wisest shot from Root; got too high for him to control, and we’ve already seen the effect the long square boundaries can have on miscued hooks and pulls after the way Gayle and Russell fell.

1441 BST: England 24/0 (4 overs)
Root tucks one away on the legside for a couple and then scurries a quick single on the offside. England, without any fuss, off to their customary run-a-ball start.

1439 BST: England 21/0 (3.2 overs)
Glorious from Root, pulling Thomas off the front foot through square-leg for his first boundary.

1437 BST: England 17/0 (3 overs)
Second boundary for Bairstow, driven sweetly through the covers as Cottrell overpitches. He looks far happier with quicks at both ends, while Root is just being Root. Number two or number three not looking like a huge issue for him right now. So far, so good for England in what would already be a routine run-chase had they not been forced to shuffle the pack. And the sun is shining. Whatever else happens, you have to admit that everyone else getting rained off in the grimmest, greyest weather imaginable and then the sun shining on England’s games is excellent banter.

1432 BST: England 9/0 (2 overs)
Bairstow smears Thomas through cover for the first boundary of the innings before uppercutting another short ball that briefly had Cottrell interested at third-man before landing safely.

1428 BST: England 3/0 (1 over)
For the first time in the tournament, England face seam in the first over. Bairstow gets under way with a square-drive for three before Root is given the hurry-up by a short ball and a word from Cottrell. Nasser Hussain on commentary reckons Chris Woakes might bat three here. I’d just go Stokes to be honest. Morgan cannot bat for at least the first 28 minutes of the innings whatever happens.

1422 BST: It will be Root to open the batting with Bairstow. It’s his first time opening the batting in an ODI.

1415 BST: News is that Eoin Morgan’s injury is a back spasm, which is probably the best possible news in terms of how bad he looked walking off. If England can get through today with their weakened batting line-up, they should be able to cope for the next two games against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka if need be.

1400 BST: In the short term, the relatively low total probably makes England’s decision on who opens today – just promote Root. But there are such serious problems below that if Morgan can’t bat. Ben Stokes at three. Chris Woakes at five. And whatever happens, England’s run of 300+ scores has come to an end.

1352 BST: West Indies 212 (44.4 overs)
The Cardinal Sin! Five overs and two balls unused. England’s bowlers were great, though, and were it not for the minor trifle of losing two absolutely key players to potentially tournament-ending injuries that would have been close to ideal.

WICKET! Shannon Gabriel b Wood 0 (3b)
And that’s that. Three for Archer, three for Wood and West Indies blown away for 212. Shouldn’t be anywhere near enough, but England’s batting line-up is going to require a significant rejig. Roy cannot bat above seven, it looks unlikely that Morgan will…

1349 BST: West Indies 211/9 (44 overs)
In fact, Ultra-Edge suggests there might have been a scratch on the bat before the ball cannoned off the shoulder. So a review wouldn’t have saved Brathwaite anyway.

WICKET! Carlos Brathwaite c Buttler b Archer 14 (22b, 1×6, SR: 63.63)
Three swings and misses from Brathwaite before he finally gets something on this Archer short ball and is caught behind. Brathwaite looks gutted, and replays show that’s because what he actually got on the ball was shoulder rather than bat or glove. No review, though, and he has to go.

1341 BST: West Indies 210/8 (42.3 overs)
REMEMBER THE NAME! Brathwaite gets hold of a length ball from Wood and sends it 94m over midwicket. Smacks straight into the big screen. Great hitting. West Indies need much more of it.

1338 BST: West Indies 204/8 (41.4 overs)
England do lose the review this time. Exactly the same as the Pooran dismissal, apart from the tiny detail that Thomas’ glove was about three inches away from the ball. Not sure what England saw or heard to get excited there, but they were all convinced. Anyway, correct decision on the field and a nice easy one for Rod Tucker upstairs.

1334 BST: West Indies 203/8 (41 overs)
Just a single from Rashid’s final over to drag his figures back a touch. Huge lbw appeal against Thomas with the final ball, a googly, but while it was probably hitting off it definitely pitched outside leg. England save their review.

1331 BST: West Indies 202/8 (40 overs)
Oshane Thomas survives the hat-trick ball, but it’s a stunning over from Archer. What a talent. Now England just need to finish the innings off, and hope they have enough batsmen left to score the runs.

WICKET! Sheldon Cottrell lbw b Archer 0 (1b)
Archer doing the job quite beautifully here. Too quick for Cottrell who is right across his first ball and pinned in front. Given out on the field this time and Cottrell – understandably enough really given the match situation – burns up West Indies’ review. Archer on a hat-trick.

WICKET! Nicholas Pooran c Buttler b Archer 63 (78b, 3×4, 1×6, SR: 80.76)
Buttler takes on the captaincy and instantly has to decide whether to review another not out decision from Dharmasena, this time for caught behind. Buttler certainly had a decent view of it, and takes the review. Ultra-Edge shows a spike as the ball passes the glove and Pooran’s fine innings comes to an end. England should restrict West Indies to a total well under par now; just a question of whether they’ll actually have any batsmen left to knock them off.

1323 BST: West Indies 202/6 (39.3 overs)
England’s bowlers are doing a grand job, but they are starting to run out of batsmen. Eoin Morgan the latest to pull up with what looks like a muscle injury, and he’s also hobbling off the field. England’s batting order going to be all over the place here.

1320 BST: West Indies 200/6 (39 overs)
Rashid back and swept for four by Pooran. Rashid has struggled a bit recently but has bowled better today with no luck. West Indies reach 200, with Pooran’s classy, mature innings the absolute key.

1317 BST: West Indies 192/6 (38 overs)
Good call from Morgan, going back to Archer to try and really smash the door down here. No breakthrough, but only three runs from it as England retain control.

1313 BST: West Indies 189/6 (37 overs)
Real chance for England now. Carlos Brathwaite in the middle with just Cottrell, Thomas and Gabriel to come and plenty of overs from Wood and Archer in reserve. England will be looking to wrap this innings up quickly; and in any chase of around 250 the loss of Roy to the top order is less of a problem – you just stick Root up to open.

WICKET! Andre Russell c Woakes b Wood 21 (16b)
Instant redemption for Woakes as Russell does exactly what Gayle did after getting a life; takes on both the short ball and the big boundary. Without success. Simple catch for Woakes, and this time no mistake. A patched-up Russell hobbles from the field.

1306 BST: West Indies 184/5 (36 overs)
Root attempts a repeat of the knuckleball that did for Holder, but this time sends it wobbling down the legside and away for five wides.

1302 BST: West Indies 175/5 (35 overs)
We were watching the ball sail over the ropes there, but Russell has done himself a real mischief in the process. Looks like he’s hurt his wrist smashing that six.

1301 BST: West Indies 175/5 (35 overs)
Two sixes in the last three balls of the over. Rashid fuming, and with some justification. Badly let down in the field there, and the cost is already coming.

1300 BST: West Indies 163/5 (34.3 overs)
It’s happened again! England got away with giving Gayle a life, will they be so lucky with Russell? This is a really bad drop from Woakes. The ball went a long way up but Woakes is a fine catcher and really should have taken it.

1259 BST: West Indies 161/5 (34 overs)
Root gets through it. What a bonus this is.

1256 BST: West Indies 159/5 (33 overs)
Root continuing against Russell might be a gamble too far for England here. We shall see.

1255 BST: West Indies 159/5 (33 overs)
Rashid has dragged his figures back rather well here after some early tap. Gets out of this over without any Andre Russell-based carnage and now has 0/38 from seven.

1253 BST: Nicholas Pooran 50* (56b, 2×4, 1×6, SRL 89.28)
Good innings, that. Strong Yorkshire, strong West Indies.

WICKET! Jason Holder c&b Root 9 (10b, 1×6, SR: 90.00)
Banter that this was a match billed as PACE LIKE FIRE and it’s Joe Root’s occasional offspin doing the damage. Holder hits a gloriously uncomplicated six down the ground but then tries to gently fiddle something into the legside and gets a leading edge straight back to the bowler. There’s a lesson there.

1246 BST: West Indies 147/4 (31 overs)
Some news from England’s dressing room. Jason Roy will not field again in this innings. As it’s an internal injury, that means he cannot bat above seven in England’s innings. That is a massive setback. Root up to open? Stokes maybe? Or take the nuclear option and stick Jos in?

1244 BST: West Indies 145/4 (30 overs)
Big wicket, that. Hetmyer and Pooran were getting West Indies into a pretty decent position.

WICKET! Shimron Hetmyer c&b Root 39 (48b)
Two quiet overs does the trick for England, and it’s a right bonus wicket for England as it’s Root who makes the breakthrough. Nicely flighted, and chipped tamely back by Hetmyer. Or Hatmyer as he should really be called.

1238 BST: West Indies 141/3 (29 overs)
Hetmyer is batting in the maroon floppy. Great to see. Another quiet over, though, with just two singles from it. Good comeback from Rashid after a couple of dodgy overs.

1236 BST: West Indies 139/3 (28 overs)
Root into the attack, and he successfully stalls the recent Windies acceleration. Just two single from the over, and a brief flurry of excitement when Buttler inadvertently flicks the bail off with his glove as Pooran rocks back to cut. Root thinks it’s hit wicket, but the batsman was nowhere near the stumps. Meanwhile, Hetmyer is hatless, repeat hatless.

1226 BST: West Indies 126/3 (25.2 overs)
And that’s even better. Gets in exactly the same position expecting another short ball. It’s properly full, though, so Hetmyer just whacks it straight back through mid-on for four more.

1225 BST: West Indies 122/3 (25.1 overs)
Finally Hetmyer gets the middle of the bat to one of his clear-the-front-leg-and-swing efforts off Stokes. Four runs.

1224 BST: West Indies 118/3 (25 overs)
Fair to say Pooran is looking better than Hetmyer here. Climbs all over a short ball from Rashid to smite a six over midwicket and then picks up twos from the next three balls. Good end to the over for Rashid, though, beating the outside edge with a googly and escaping with another dot to finish.

1220 BST: West Indies 106/3 (24 overs)
Hetmyer back to just clearing the front leg and swiping at Stokes. Maddening.

1216 BST: West Indies 103/3 (23 overs)
Hetmyer remembers he’s brilliant at this and plays a proper shot against Rashid, straight back past the bowler with interest for four. Partnership has been a bit frantic but it’s doing the job now, protecting the lower middle-order and potentially allowing Holder and especially Russell to unleash hell later on.

1214 BST: West Indies 94/3 (22 overs)
Pooran has more luck with it, getting a short ball from Stokes away fine down the legside for four.

1213 BST: West Indies 89/3 (21.4 overs)
Hetmyer still taking on the short ball. Still not getting a lot of joy with it. Splices a pull shot just over Root at midwicket and picks up a couple.

1208 BST: West Indies 85/3 (21 overs)
Sort of feels like this Rashid spell has to feature lots of boundaries or lots of wickets. Four singles and no wickets off his first over, though. Does send one smart googly jagging past Hetmyer’s outside edge.

1204 BST: West Indies 82/3 (20 overs)
This is great fun. Pooran and Hetmyer are trying to thrash pretty much everything. Almost none of it is coming off. And now it’s going to be Rashid.

1157 BST: West Indies 75/3 (18 overs)
Extraordinary over this. Shot-a-ball stuff from Hetmyer, but absolutely none of them come off. He’s just clearing the front leg and trying to hack Wood through the legside. Hetmyer is so, so, so much better than that. But such inexplicable shot selection is also at least 37% of the reason we love him so.

1151 BST: West Indies 73/3 (17 overs)
Really key spell in this game here. Two outrageous young talents at the crease, but one more wicket gets England into West Indies’ all-rounders early. Holder, Russell and Brathwaite have plenty of quality but the selection of Gabriel means West Indies have three genuine tailenders. Pooran and Hetmyer aren’t bothered, each smashing a boundary in Plunkett’s over here. Pooran slapping a cut behind point and Hetmyer hammering a pull through midwicket.

1141 BST: West Indies 60/3 (15 overs)
The batting is much more scampery now. Both batsmen rushing the first to try and turn ones into twos on the big square boundaries here. Vince and Bairstow keeping them honest for now. Plunkett ends the over with a bouncer that has Hetmyer arching out of the way at the last moment. Time for drinks. England will be happier.

1136 BST: West Indies 56/3 (14 overs)
England in a great position now. The ball still doing plenty. Two new batsmen at the crease as well, albeit two of the most exciting young fellas around.

WICKET! Shai Hope lbw b Wood 11 (30b, 1×4, SR: 36.66)
Double strike for England! Huge appeal from Wood as Hope is trapped seemingly plumb in front of the whole set. Kumar Dharmasena says no, though. England review. It’s plumb. The only area of any doubt in the review process a brief moment where Rod Tucker forgets what Ultra-Edge is called. “Show me… whaddyacallit? … Ultra-Edge.”

WICKET! Chris Gayle c Bairstow b Plunkett 36 (41b, 5×4, 1×6, SR: 87.80)
Gayle ducks under one Plunkett bouncer but can’t resist a second. He takes on Bairstow and the big square-leg boundary, coming off second best. Plunkett gets the wicket, but it’s Wood who’ll be the happiest man in Southampton right now.

1126 BST: West Indies 54/1 (12.5 overs)
The sun is out. This is not a drill.

1125 BST: West Indies 54/1 (12.3 overs)
First boundary for Hope takes West Indies past 50. Not fully convincing, though, an attempt to steer Plunkett down to third-man comes off far too fine and only just out of the reach of a diving Jos Buttler.

1123 BST: West Indies 47/1 (12 overs)
Good first over from Wood. Five dot balls to start before Gayle fiddles the last one down to third-man for a leisurely single. Curious innings from West Indies thus far. It’s been difficult, and they’ve done well to be only one wicket down, but they’ve been oddly passive for long periods. Even Gayle has, for now, retreated back into his shell.

1120 BST: West Indies 46/1 (11 overs)
Mark Wood with the ball now. Gets his chance to either make amends for the Gayle drop or be punished enormously.

1119 BST: West Indies 46/1 (11 overs)
Liam Plunkett into the attack. Tidy enough start, one slower ball that slips down the legside apart.

1114 BST: West Indies 41/1 (10 overs)
Another quick single for Gayle. Must be the first innings in a while when he’s had more quick singles than sixes. For now. Archer ends the over with a searing bouncer that Hope fends away. Could have gone anywhere, but lands safely. He’s struggling at the moment, but has battled through it thus far and has an awesome recent record in ODIs.

1109 BST:  West Indies 37/1 (8.4 overs)
England were distraught when Wood dropped that catch earlier. And this is why. Gayle slams Woakes for four over midwicket – England weren’t watching the lengths Starc had Gayle in all sorts with the other day, then – before launching an 85m six down the ground.

1105 BST: West Indies 26/1 (8 overs)
Shai Hope has one run from 17 balls.

1103 BST: West Indies 26/1 (7.2 overs)
Another big problem for England here, potentially. Gayle whacks Archer for four, but that’s not the problem. Not really. The problem comes next ball as Jason Roy pursues a smear over point from Gayle and pulls up with a hamstring injury. He’s had hamstring problems in the past and if that is anything more than a very minor tweak then England’s plans are derailed more than a touch. Such a key player. Vince replaces him on the field for now, and may well do so in the team for upcoming games.

1101 BST: West Indies 21/1 (7 overs)
Superb again from Woakes. Has Lewis, should have had Gayle. And West Indies haven’t laid a glove on him yet.

1057 BST: West Indies 20/1 (6.1 overs)
Oh what a big moment this is. Gayle has a big woof at Woakes and slices the ball high to third-man where Mark Wood is late to set off. He gets there, though, and gets both hands under the ball but can’t hold on. HUGE.

1053 BST: West Indies 16/1 (5.2 overs)
Gayle has seen enough. Doubles the score in two balls with a drive straight back past Archer and a pull through midwicket.

1052 BST: West Indies 8/1 (5 overs)
A second maiden over for Woakes, Shai Hope watchful having just come to the crease. Woakes now has the silly figures of 3-2-2-1.

1048 BST: West Indies 8/1 (4 overs)
Good again from Archer, ending the over with a nip-backer that Gayle inside-edges over the top of middle stump and away for the first boundary of the day.

1044 BST: West Indies 4/1 (3 overs)
England have deserved that. Helpful conditions for the bowlers, but they’ve exploited them thus far.

WICKET! Evin Lewis b Woakes 2 (8b, SR: 25.00)
Woakes gets the breakthrough! Really full, bit of movement and Lewis beaten as he falls heavy-headedly to the offside. Ball cannons into off stump – the Zings never stood a chance – via the pad.

1043 BST: West Indies 4/0 (2.5 overs)
Is Chris Gayle the first cricketer in history where it’s genuinely more exciting to see him take a quick single to mid-off than hit a six?

1041 BST: West Indies 4/0 (2.2 overs)

Chris Gayle England West Indies World Cup PA

1038 BST: West Indies 2/0 (2 overs)
Evin Lewis gets the first run off the bat, but after that wide it’s another cracking over. Archer has Gayle hopping with a short ball, to the delight of the crowd. Good start from England, but Gayle purposefully watchful thus far against the new balls. He knows he can catch up, and how.

1035 BST: West Indies 1/0 (1 over)
Three slips for Archer. He starts with a wide down the legside.

1034 BST: West Indies 0/0 (1 over)
Chris Woakes starts with a maiden over. Good one, too, nipping a couple past Chris Gayle’s outside edge. Now over to Jofra…

1030 BST: That’s that out of the way at least. Cricket now. Much better.

1023 BST: Players out for the anthems. Biggest mismatch of the tournament, for mine. Honestly, you can say the Windies are cheating a bit by not being a ‘nation’ and therefore not saddled with a turgid national anthem. But nor are England, in that sense. God Save The Queen isn’t the English national anthem, it’s the national anthem of the UK. They could pick anything. Mind you, they’d probably pick Jerusalem, wouldn’t they? The most marginal improvement imaginable. Or, heaven help us, Three Lions and a Crown.

1006 BST: England are unchanged, so Mark Wood passes a fitness test and Moeen Ali misses out again. Andre Russell plays for West Indies, who have a full complement of fast bowlers with Shannon Gabriel in the side to join in the bumper barrage against England’s batsmen. Means no Ashley Nurse, and therefore any continuation of the “spin with the new ball” policy against England will be a part-timer. Bold.

1003 BST: Eoin Morgan wins the toss and chooses to bowl first under cloudy skies.

0953 BST: Some news from Southampton…

0945 BST: That’ll do, pig.

0931 BST: You can also check out our verdict on week two of the tournament. Includes a lot of head-scratching about Australia who are the worst good side we’ve ever seen.

0922 BST: With that in mind, go here for our full preview of what is an absolutely pivotal game for both sides and indeed the tournament. And you can get the full lowdown on the Ageas Bowl here. There were 740-odd runs when England and Pakistan played here before the World Cup.

0921 BST: Crazy thought, isn’t it?

0920 BST: Morning everyone. I have some news. You may want to sit down. Okay? Good. We should get a game of cricket today.