The Press Tent Daily: BT Sports caught out

Stuart Broad and Joe Root

Another quirky day in BT Sport’s often bizarre coverage of the Ashes. Their director’s inexplicable insistence on cutting from graphics and crowd shots right at the very last moment before the bowler delivers the next ball has seen more deliveries missed live than we can remember seeing on Sky in the last decade. It’s felt…


The Press Tent Daily: Swann gives in to the daft side

In the bitter, acrimonious fallout from England’s 2013/14 Ashes horror show, a supposed schism developed between the batsmen and bowlers as the dressing room completely fell apart. Now this always seemed bit too high camp for us. A bit of overplayed theatre. The sort of thing rugby players josh about forwards and backs. There might…


The Press Tent: The ‘Alcohol-related’ edition

Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler

Where else to start but the Ashes, where the ding-dong battle between “Alcohol-related incidents” and England Test defeats continues to enthral. The ARI have nudged back into a 3-2 lead after Ben Duckett poured a drink over James Anderson. Now Duckett isn’t technically part of the England squad, but we’re counting it anyway because everyone…