Ban offers Bancroft an opportunity for self improvement

Banned Australia opener Cameron Bancroft has admitted that his ban for applying sandpaper to the ball during the Newlands Test against South Africa has been an emotional rollercoaster.

Bancroft has however used the opportunity to engage in some self-improvement that will no doubt please Justin Langer, Australia’s new holistic head coach.

Speaking ahead of his expected return to competitive cricket in the Northern Territory’s Strike League Bancroft said: “You certainly ride the waves of grieving.

“There’s been times where I’ve felt really sad, there’s been times where I’ve felt really angry. But overall, I’ve worked really hard on myself, been really busy with a lot of things and right now it’s just another step forward, heading up to Darwin to play some cricket and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Bancroft says that he hasn’t been one to focus on the sanction he received or the criticism he has been exposed to.

He said: “For me, in that situation, it was about me and my mistake and the poor decision I made. What anyone else thought or said didn’t change the fact that I made a really bad decision and I’ve had to really forgive myself for that error I made.

“It’s all a part of moving forward with it all. The media reacted appropriately to the situation and what happened and I have no anger or judgement or resentment for that.”

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Bancroft has spent his time doing yoga, learning Spanish and doing community work with children.

He added: “I love the game, I love playing cricket and as hard as it would seem to connect how learning Spanish links to playing cricket for Australia again they’re all little stepping stones to me achieving that dream again.”