CA make new offer to players in pay dispute

Cricket Australia (CA) confirmed that they have provided a new pay offer to the nation’s cricketers to find a solution to the current dispute.

The new offer allows for further negotiation. It was made in good faith and in an attempt to reach an agreement by 30 June.

Contracts sent to players do not ask for signatures. It has been made clear to the players that the contracts are subject to the completion of a new collective agreement.

Cricket Australia has listened to feedback from players and has also invited the ACA to explore the flexibility that it is prepared to offer in order to conclude a new Memorandum of Understanding (a five-year collective agreement).

Player feedback suggests that the sharing of international cricket surpluses with male and female domestic players, and the level of pay increases for male state players, are critical issues for them.

CA is now offering to:

– Increase the international cricket surpluses that are shared with players,

– Include all domestic players in the sharing arrangements, and

– Increase annual pay rises to male state players (with commensurate increases for WNCL and WBBL players to maintain gender pay equity; a base rate of pay for all players is a hallmark of CA’s ground-breaking offer).

Full financial information was provided to the ACA in confidence earlier this week, and the ACA currently has all figures and scenarios that Cricket Australia is working with.

This information is sufficient for players and their union to assess CA’s pay offer. As CA has explained many times to the ACA, 80 per cent of cricket’s revenue is uncontracted for the next five years, and confidential scenarios are the appropriate and financially responsible way to approach the issue.

Details of this offer are able to be negotiated with the ACA, which CA has indicated. Cricket Australia remains 100 per cent committed to resolving the MOU by 30 June.