Warner: If we are unemployed, we can’t play

Australia batsman David Warner has come and said that the players will not back down in their ongoing pay dispute with the country’s cricket board.

Warner, who last month said that Cricket Australia (CA) might not have players to choose from for the Ashes series at the end of this year, has again reiterated his stance that they will not give in to the board.

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The ongoing saga between the Australia Players Association (ACA) and board look no closer to being resolved with national contracts expiring at the end of this month.

And Warner, who is with the Aussie squad competing at the Champions Trophy in England, reminded his bosses that the players are in high demand around the world.

Warner said:”I stick firm behind it. If we are unemployed we have no contracts, we can’t play.

“So, from my point of view and speaking to the guys, we would love to see something happen between now and July 1 and I am sure that it is in the capable hands of the ACA to get to the table with CA and come to some form of an agreement.”