Maxwell: Using your bat against Tigers is key


Australia batsman Glenn Maxwell on Wednesday revealed the extreme measures the Aussies are taking to counter the Bangladesh spinners ahead of the first Test between the teams starting on Sunday in Mirpur.

The visitors are expecting a barrage of slow-bowlers from the Tigers and Maxwell said the key for the Aussies will be to get the front pad out of the way and use the bat as they expect the hosts to bowl a stump to stump line.

The Australia batsmen have even started batting without their front pads in net sessions as they look to get off to a good start in the two-match Test series.

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Maxwell explained: “I think the main thing is to basically use your bat. If you don’t have the safety of your front pad, it makes you get your leg out of the way and actually use your bat.

“I think it is more about refining your defence and making sure you trust the fact that you can hit the ball and not hoping that your pads are there just to save you.

“It is more about guys who are hitting the stumps regularly and Bangladesh do that really well. They bowl stump to stump and put pressure on your defence so I suppose that’s one thing we will work on. I did a lot of it back home.

“A lot of my practice revolves around defence and expanding from there. I haven’t done so much of it since I have been here but I am sure I will get a chance before the game starts.”

The second Test between Bangladesh and Australia is scheduled for Chittagong from 4-8 September.