Chappell: Someone has to be accountable for pay dispute


Former Australia captain Ian Chappell is happy that the pay dispute between the players and the board (CA) has been resolved but insists someone needs to be held accountable for the damage it has done to the game.

CA and the Australia Cricketers Association (ACA) announced on Thursday that a resolution has been found after nearly 10 months of negotiations that has seen more than 200 Australian players being unemployed since the end of June.

The dispute saw an Australia A tour to South Africa being cancelled as the players refused to take the field without signing new contracts.

Both the board and the ACA have blamed each other over the last few months and CA chief executive James Sutherland said they will review where it all went wrong.

Chappell told AAP: “Obviously, it hasn’t done the game any good. When it happens like this, surely someone has to be accountable.

“It’s good news to have it done but the first thought is why didn’t it happen before June 30? Why wasn’t it done long ago before it alienated a lot of people?

“You figure the reason is a lack of respect from both sides.”