Lanning affirms female players commitment to revenue sharing

Australia Women’s team skipper Meg Lanning has affirmed that the female players like their male counterparts are committed to holding on to a revenue sharing model.

Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketer’s Association have been locked in a heated pay dispute with the player’s union unwilling to surrender revenue sharing.

At the moment players are entitled to a share of the revenue generated by Cricket Australia but the board is eager to see this dissolved.

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Speaking ahead of her team’s departure for the World Cup which will be staged in the UK Lanning said: “All the players are behind a revenue share model for all cricketers, and we’ve been able to stay really strong and we’ll continue to do that and hopefully there’s a resolution pretty soon.

“I think CA and the ACA are talking at the moment, so as players we just want to play cricket and we’ve left the rest of that to the ACA and CA. We’re looking forward to getting to the World Cup and playing, and we’ll leave it to the ACA to negotiate on our behalf.

“[Pay rises are] certainly a step in the right direction, but it’s a whole player [group] agreement and we’re fully behind all players, male, female, state, international so that’s where we’re at. It’s about every player playing the game and grassroots as well. We’re not going to individualise any players or teams, male or female, it’s about all the players moving forward and getting a result that’s good for the game.

“At the start, we came out with what we wanted and where we wanted to go and we’re pretty clear on that.”

Much like Steve Smith’s men’s team Lanning said the players are focused on their jobs on the field.

She went on: “It’s definitely been spoken about, it’s not something you can hide away from.

“But as a squad once we get over to the UK we’re very keen on just playing cricket and our job and priority is to go over there, play really good cricket and win games. We won’t be distracted by it at all, everything’s in place contract-wise, so we’re just going to focus on playing and winning games.”