Banned Gazi confident of a quick return

Banned Bangladesh spinner Sohag Gazi is not worried about his future, saying he will be sure to remodel his action in short order and be back in time for the World Cup in February.

Gazi was banned last week for an illegal bowling action, joining Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal, Sri Lanka’s Sachithra Senanayake, Zimbabwe’s Prosper Utseya and New Zealand’s Kane Williamson in having to rework his action.

But he feels his elbow flex of 25 degrees (more than the 15 allowed) is not too drastic, and he’ll be able to sort it out fairly quickly. This is a great deal lower than Ajmal’s 40-plus degrees.

Gazi said: “The suspension has come upon me so the harder I work, the quicker I will return. I don’t think it will be a problem; I don’t think I will need as long as three months.

“I have heard that I have [averaged] 25 degrees, which is being considered to be not so much. I have done many spin camps but no one really told me that they see a problem with my action.

“There was something wrong with my feet while landing, which hampered my body balance. I think generally that’s one crucial area that I will work on.”

He continued: “I will always have this confidence. I am a mature guy, so I know when I am overconfident. I don’t think I am being overconfident, because I know that if I am that way, things will go in the opposite direction.

“I think I have the confidence because I was given some sort of assurance. I was shown video footage in Cardiff – of the test and the match in which I was reported. They matched the two and told me that if they are close, it is enough [for me to play]. They told me that the two are quite close.

“If I can’t pitch the ball properly by changing my action, I will slowly recede from the picture. So I will try to keep both in mind, the action and that I can perform well with the remodeled action.”