South Africa Tour: Bangladesh hope to draw on their NZ win to end losing streak

South Africa

Bangladesh hope to draw on the inspiration of their recent first Test match win in New Zealand as they aim for a similar feat in South Africa.

The Tigers have both struggled to handle the Proteas pace attack and failed to generate a significant threat with the ball on past tours.

Bangladesh hope to surprise South Africa

Barring a single washout, Bangladesh have lost every international they have played against the Proteas in South Africa.

“We don’t have a great record in South Africa but records can change,” Bangladesh ODI skipper Tamim Iqbal said.

“A great example is our Test win in New Zealand. We turned things around there after many years. We couldn’t win in 30-32 matches in New Zealand but the Test team changed that. I am hopeful this team will force the same change [in South Africa]. Belief makes a big difference.

“We will try to do the same in South Africa. We know it will be difficult since they are a very, very good team in their own conditions. Ten years ago, I would have said that we want to play good cricket. Now I will say that we want to win there, and we will do what we have to do to win. If we get the result, very good. If we don’t, we will work harder.”

Tamim admitted that the standard of fielding in the Bangladesh squad is a big concern.

“I am really worried about our fielding,” Tamim said. “There’s no place to hide with our fielding. If we want to do well in any format, fielding has to improve. We speak a lot about it, but fielding has put us in problem in the last few years. We have to find a solution.

“Rajin (Saleh) bhai did an exceptionally good job as our fielding coach against Afghanistan. He did everything possible to prepare us. We made the mistakes.”

Tigers at full Strength

Tamim is pleased that Bangladesh have been able to send a full strength squad to South Africa.

“I am very happy that they are playing the full side. I think it is the best possible thing for us,” Tamim said. “We will play the best teams in the World Cup, so we must play against the best teams now. It will help identify our weaknesses. If we do well against them, it gives us a huge amount of confidence.”

Bangladesh will play three ODIs and Two Test matches in South Africa starting late March.