Batty feeling nervous in Chittagong

Veteran England spinner Gareth Batty has admitted to feeling slightly nervous during play on day two of the first Test against Bangladesh in Chittagong.

The 39-year-old hadn’t played a Test for eleven years before this one and got his first taste of the action on the second day.

Batty said it was a dream come true to play for England again and indicated that he calmed down as the day wore on.

The Yorkshireman said: “I was pretty nervous, I’ve got to be honest. It’s what you dream about. Even for the old fellas like me, it was pretty nerve-racking.

“As the day went on, I hope I got into my spells a bit better and bowled fractionally better.”

As Batty made what felt like a second debut, in the same country as his first Test debut, yesterday he was handed a new cap by Michael Atherton.

Batty said: “Ath’ awarded a cap yesterday, and I got quite emotional with that – so it was tough.”

The spinner praised the efforts of teammate Moeen Ali but felt England as a whole could have done better on a day where Bangladesh seemed to edge ahead.

The 39-year-old added: “We had some really good points. I thought Mo’s first introduction into the game was magnificent.

“They were jaffas, weren’t they, that he got wickets with?

“Then we had periods of the game we could have held a bit better.

“Myself included – I should have maybe gone for 40 today instead of 50. It would have been a pretty good day then, on a pitch they batted well on.”