How is cricket growing around the world

Ashes Hobart

The popularity of cricket, sometimes known as the “gentleman’s game”, has skyrocketed over the years. With roots in England, cricket has spread over the world and its intriguing history continues to captivate fans to this day.

This article delves into its history, tracing its origins and spread around the globe.

Historical origins of cricket

According to researchers, Cricket in the Weald region of southeast England. This maybe as far back as the Saxon times. It wasn’t until the year 1611 when adults participated in this sport. The year 1697 saw the first match which was officially recorded.

Later in 1709, there was an organization of cricket teams in villages and counties. The sport gradually hit popularity in England and by 1744, the very first set of guidelines had been drafted.

The “Star and Garter Club” altered the rules in 1774. The illustrious Marylebone Cricket Club was founded by members of the Star and Garter Club. It is the current keeper of the cricket regulations. Since its founding in 1787, the MCC is responsible for several rule amendments to the game.

Fast forward to the 1800s, cricket became very popular as a sport in England. Village teams moved up to become county teams that played with each other. Essentially, the spread of the British Empire was crucial in introducing the game to other parts of the globe.

Cricket’s global spread

How did cricket eventually become played all around the world? That’s what we’ll be talking about here. So, let’s get to it.

Colonialism’s impact on cricket’s global propagation

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the development of the British Empire was responsible for introducing the game to a number of British territories. This covers many other countries like what we now know as India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, and New Zealand. As a result of these areas’ enthusiastic adoption of the game, cricket has been profoundly engrained in their own cultures.

Test match cricket’s ascendance

In 1909, cricket took a significant turn toward becoming a global sport with the establishment of the Imperial Cricket Conference. This is basically the forerunner of today’s International Cricket Council.

All of this started when England, Australia, and South Africa played their first Test matches. After that, Test status was given to some countries over time. It included New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Since then, Test cricket has become the highest level of the sport. These days, all test national teams compete for World Test Championship.

Rise of limited-overs formats

The format of cricket known as “limited overs” didn’t appear until the 20th century. Basically, it changed the sport and made it easier for more people to take part. Australia and England played the first One-Day International (ODI) match in 1971. This shorter structure made the games feel more urgent and exciting. It ushered in a new group of fans and players.

The popularity of one-day international cricket inspired the development of the faster Twenty20 (T20) format in the year 2003. This resulted in further diversification of the sport and expanded its influence around the globe.

Cricket’s global reach

Essentially, Cricket’s fame has grown beyond its British colonial roots and even in countries that were not directly affiliated with the British Empire. Its popularity and the construction of new facilities for the sport have increased dramatically in recent years.

Other countries also have come a long way in the scene of international cricket. They have made great achievements in their cricketing journey. It involves improving their facilities, increasing their fan base, and winning matches on the international scene.

Let’s look at many of these nations:


Cricket is a huge part of the culture of this country in the Himalayas. It has had tremendous growth in popularity in here despite its difficult geographic setting. The country’s national cricket team has reached a number of important milestones.

To note, it made it to the ICC World Twenty20 and appeared in other international competitions. The Cricket Association of Nepal works hard to grow the sport by creating national leagues. It also gives young players access to coaching and tournaments.


In recent years, cricket has become popular in the small Mediterranean island country of Malta. Even though cricket has been played in Malta since the late 1800s, it has even grown in popularity. The reason the establishment of the Malta Cricket Association (MCA).

The MCA has been working hard to promote the sport, improve facilities, and set up teams and events in the country. Its national team has played in international tournaments and has since been making steady progress.


The United States have a rich history in the sport of cricket. Cricket’s popularity has been on the rise in recent years despite the fact that it is often eclipsed by other sports. The creation of the country’s Major League Cricket (MLC) has given the sport new life.

MLC aims to get more people watching cricket, bring in foreign players, further give potential players a place to play professionally. The US team’s better play and involvement in international tournaments show that cricket has a bright future alongside other major leagues.


Cricket’s global reach is a success story. From one country’s hobby, it has grown into a worldwide craze. It spread to places far and wide and ultimately became a big part of their cultures.

Over time, cricket’s popularity mushroomed beyond its traditional bases. This led to the formation of small but growing teams in countries outside the British realm. Although these countries haven’t played cricket for very long, they are making big steps in the sport. Another thing is, they are warmly embracing the game.

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