How to bet on cricket

Cricket is a complicated sport for many sports fans in Central Europe, which is why they refrain from betting on cricket.

But there is no reason for this because the principles of cricket are easy to understand and there are very good guidelines for non GamStop cricket betting.

After all, it is not for nothing that cricket is the number 1 national sport in some of the most populous countries in the world. With our guide, we will guide you step by step through the rules of the sport and the basics of non Gamstop betting sites on

How does cricket work at non GamStop bookmakers?

Cricket is played on an oval field, with two players from the attacking team and eleven from the defending team (fielding team) on the field. The attackers have bats, which is why they are called “batsmen”. They stand at opposite ends of the “pitch,” a narrow strip in the middle of the field.

Opposite the active batsman is the “bowler”, the bowler of the opposing team. He tries to hit the goal behind the batsman, the wicket, with a ball. It consists of three poles on which another rests. If he hits, the batsman is eliminated and is replaced by the next one (wicket).

The batsman tries to hit the ball. If the batsman hits the ball but it doesn’t go out of bounds, the thrower’s teammates try to either catch the ball out of the air, which means the batsman is out or bring it back to the middle of the field as quickly as possible.

While the fielding team returns the ball, the two batsmen are allowed to run back and forth between their positions. Each time they reach the other end there is a point, called a run. However, if the fielding team returns the ball while a batsman has not yet reached an end, he is eliminated.

If the batsman hits the ball over the outer edge of the pitch without it touching the ground, he gets six runs. If the ball hits the ground and then leaves the field of play, there are four runs.

So only the team at bat can score, the defenders can only prevent points from being scored by switching off the batsmen.

In this respect, the principle is somewhat similar to baseball, with which it also has terms in common. The game is divided into “innings”. In an innings, each team is in the field and at bat once for a certain number of throws (overs).

How often a team throws depends on the mode. An innings either lasts until ten batsmen are out or until a set number of overs have been played. The team that scores the most runs overall wins.

Cricket non GamStop betting markets

In cricket, there are three possible outcomes: home win, away win or draw. There are also other options available from betting providers who value cricket. Some of these revolve around the pitchers and hitters who are true specialists.

You can predict how many runs a batsman will score or how many wickets a bowler will take.

The types of bets can vary depending on the competition: A “Test cricket” match between the top national teams and “First-Class cricket” lasts several days; in the Twenty20 format, which the Indian Premier League uses, for example, a game lasts around three hours – this of course, influences the types of bets, especially when it comes to cricket live betting.

  • Win bet – is a bet on the outcome of a game. This is also called a straight bet, where you place outcome bets and it pays out depending on the odds. A team that has a large advantage in a game has lower odds than the underdog (underdog). This incentivizes bettors to bet on the underdog for a larger payout. If the underdog wins, they will get more than if the stronger team wins. You also have the opportunity to bet on both teams. This type of betting is offered by all cricket bookmakers.
  • Series Scores – if there is a series (more than one game) it is possible to bet on the outcome of that series. This is another form of a win bet, but applied to a series. These bets are often offered for the Cricket Premier League.
  • Match Scores – a cricket bet that attempts to guess how many runs will be scored in a game.
  • Top Bowler – a bet in which a bettor chooses the player who will take the most wickets.
  • Individual Bowler Series Wickets – is a cricket bet on the number of wickets a particular bowler takes in a series.
  • Even/Odd Run Scores – like in roulette, is a bet on whether the scores will be odd or even.

Advantages of non GamStop cricket betting

Cricket bets are interesting because, as a fringe sport, they often bring high odds. On the other hand, there are only a few real top competitions.

Unlike, for example, football betting, you don’t need to know too many players and teams to be able to judge the world’s best.


Major cricket events

Below are some of the major tournaments and events that happen in the cricket world throughout the year that are particularly suitable for betting:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup: the ICC World Cup takes place every 4 years.
  • ICC Champion Trophy: Like the World Cup but every 2 years
  • ICC World 20: A two-week event, the championship is played by cricket’s top 20 teams.
  • ICC Women’s World Cup: A women’s version of the ICC World Cup.


We were also a bit hesitant at first before embarking on cricket betting. But once you understand the basic principles of the game, which are ultimately not that difficult, and find out a little about the best players, you can make good use of the good odds in this sport.