In-play cricket betting – how to get started

Cricket balls red white pink Edgbaston 2017 PA

Cricket is always thrilling. And at some point, you may have found yourself wishing that you were involved in the game in some kind of way.

Well, there’s an option that can take the adrenaline even higher and let you enjoy the game more – in-play betting. Unlike the traditional form of betting, this one attaches you to every piece of action on the pitch.

If you are not familiar with in-play cricket betting, this guide is for you. We’ll look at the details and help you get started.

What is in-play cricket betting?

You have probably rushed to place a moneyline bet on a game a few minutes before it starts. When it comes to in-play betting, everything actually starts with the game. Also known as live betting, it is basically placing a wager on a game that is still in action. You get to watch the game and then make your own informed decisions on how the game is likely to go.

The most important thing to note here is that odds change quickly. If something major happens in the game, the odds will change almost instantly. Your chances of winning big will therefore rely on how well you can analyze the players, conditions, momentum, condition of pitch, etc., to make an informed prediction.

Choose a reputable cricket betting platform

The betting site you choose will determine a lot of things – the odds, the betting options, and the overall experience. It will therefore go a long way if you have the right Arizona betting platform. The basic starting point is in the regulation. Is it licensed in the country? Who is the regulator?

From there, you can look up what other users think. In the age of social media, it should be easy to know the experience that other users have had. The interface should be friendly, the game and live-betting options should be many, and the customer support should also be active. However, note that some betting sites may be good at some sports and not have a focus on Cricket.

Familiarise yourself with the game

You may be a cricket fan but don’t follow the game closely. Well, that has to change if you want to try your luck in live betting. The more you understand the ongoing game, the better your chances of emerging as a winner. It will also help you find much better value than you normally would.

First, what format is being used in the game you want to bet on? Is it Test cricket, T20, or ODI? Each will need its own strategy. However, there’s also the aspect of how big the event is. The bigger or more popular it is, the more live betting options you’ll have. The other part is then to analyze the specific game. This can be in terms of the players available (and their form), the strategies the team uses, and the historical performances.

Understand the key factors to consider

Since you are betting live, the most important factor is what is going on in the game. Maybe something has changed from how everybody anticipated it play out, or you think something might happen. So what do you look out for?

The first thing is obviously the momentum and strategies in play. Remember that in-live betting isn’t all about who will win. It can be something like the score for when the next wicket falls. Other things you should look at are the strategies being used, the form of different players in the game, and the pitch and weather conditions. These usually have a huge impact on how the game pans out.

Start with simple bets and learn

It’s good to understand how in-play betting odds move. So first, watch the game while looking at the odds. After you understand them, you can then look at the simple live bets first. These are things such as who will win the match, the top run-scorer, or the method of the next dismissal. It’s good to also ensure that your first bets are small. As you learn more about how everything works, you will become more confident and predict actions much better. But all the while, keep in mind that all types of gambling require you to be responsible in how you deal with your money and time.