Justin Langer news: Adam Gilchrist says coach shouldn’t rush into next project

Justin Langer Australia PA

Former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has backed good friend Justin Langer to achieve even more as a coach.

Gilchrist has, however, cautioned Langer against rushing into a new job.

The circumstances surrounding Langer’s departure from the Australian team would have hurt him said Gilchrist in a recent interview.

Langer has been linked with the England job but Gilchrist thinks it would be too soon for him to get back on the horse.

Gilchrist told the Barmy Army’s ‘The Shackles Are Off’ podcast: “I get the feeling that doing it straight away… it just might be a bit soon.

“He’s been hurt, you don’t need to be Einstein to work that out.

“He needs a bit of time to heal and dust himself off and work out whether he sees himself as a career coach or was coaching Australia the pinnacle and he now wants to go off and do a number of other things.

“I don’t think he’s going to be short of opportunities, so he needs to work that out.”

Despite his reservations about the timing, Gilchrist feels that Langer could work wonders with the England group.

“I don’t say this in a provocative sense, but I do look at the setup at the moment with England and think ‘Jeeze, he would be a good fit’,” he added.

“It’d be awesome to see Justin Langer working with Ben Stokes. The work ethic from Stokes is on par with Justin Langer’s work ethic and that would be intriguing to see what could grow and develop and sprout from that.

“And Joe [Root] as captain I think would benefit from a figure like Justin alongside him.”

England’s interim managing director Sir Andrew Strauss recently admitted that Langer is one the names being considered for the vacancy, but would not say if they had received any formal application.

“I know him well,” Strauss said. “On the surface, he’s done a very good job of things with the Australian cricket team. So I wouldn’t rule him out.”

Australia had improved across the board during Langer’s tenure, winning their first T20 World Cup and narrowly missing out on the World Test Championship final.