Swann: No-one will care about KP in two weeks


Former England spinner Graeme Swann feels Kevin Pietersen has shot himself in the foot by releasing such a sensational book, and has only done his own reputation harm.

Pietersen’s book, released last week, has been the topic of conversation because of its claims that there was a ‘bullying’ culture in the England side, as well as a few character assassinations of fellow players, like Matt Prior.

Swann reckons Pietersen will not be remembered or spoken about in a few weeks’ time, one the fuss dies down, and all that will be left will be a bad taste. Swann also said no-one supported KP’s bullying claims, though several former players have.

Swann told BT Sport: “You can’t say what people will think but I don’t think he has done himself any favours in the long run – but Kev has always been different.

“It is all because someone is trying to sell a book. Honestly, in two weeks’ time when the inevitable amount of interviews are done, no-one will give a monkeys.

“Certain things you have been led to believe didn’t happen. I think the very fact that however many people have been interviewed, no-one is supporting these claims that Kev has come out with.”

Swann also spoke of his own retirement, in the middle of the Ashes tour to Australia, and said that he should have quit before the tour even began as he wasn’t performing well. He also suggested Pietersen should have done the same.

Swann continued: “I said at the time that I don’t think it is right and proper to carry on in a sport when you are a hindrance to the team.

“Some think differently, some think you should carry on regardless but I don’t and I never will.

“In retrospect I shouldn’t have gone on the tour at all. I wish, after the Oval, I had read the signs more.

“I have never been a stats man but the stats seemed to suggest that (Pietersen was on the wane). It might have been a cleaner way of doing things and there would have been a lot less blood-letting.”