‘They crossed the line’ – Jofra Archer condemns The Sun’s Stokes story


Jofra Archer has joined in the condemnation of British newspaper The Sun after the publication ran with a front-page splash revealing intimate details of a tragedy suffered in the Stokes family over three decades ago.

Stokes took to Twitter to denounce the journalistic practice of the newspaper, and received an outpouring of support on social media from the general public and members of the cricketing fraternity alike – including England captain Joe Root.


The all-rounder described the decision to publish the story as “despicable”, and  claimed that the decision to reveal the “extremely painful, sensitive and personal details” would have “grave consequences for [his] mum in particular.”

Ben Stokes PA

The Sun have now been reprimanded by fellow England team mate Jofra Archer during an appearance on UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain.

“I think they’ve crossed the line and gone even further passed the line,” Archer said.

“He (Stokes) wasn’t even born at the time. I don’t think he would probably have known about it until he was 15 anyway.

“I don’t get why they would post that, especially after the summer we’ve had.

“We’ve had a great summer as a cricket team and I actually can’t understand what the purpose was.”

The Sun, which said it has the “utmost sympathy for Ben Stokes and his mother”, responded that it had contacted Stokes before printing the article and that “at no stage did he or his representatives ask us not to publish the story”.