WATCH: Jofra Archer delivers the short stuff to Piers Morgan


It can be hard for a cricketer to flick the switch between aggressive, snarling ‘smack ’em up side the head’ fast bowler and carefree, gentle ‘happy-go-lucky’ off-duty cop, but today, we suspect Jofra Archer didn’t even consider flicking said switch.

Piers Morgan fancies himself a bit of a cricketer, so when the idea was pitched to have Jofra Archer toss one down off of no run-up, the outspoken host probably thought it was his golden chance to flex those muscles and peacock all over Susanna Reid in the Good Morning Britain studio.

Jofra was having none of it…

We’d like to think he was still in competitive-mode, still envisioning Morgan as a chubby Steve Smith knock-off up the other end with an equally dodgy technique, but who are we kidding?

It’s Jofra Archer, he definitely did it on purpose, and the world is better for it.

Meanwhile, Jofra Archer moved to condemn the Sun newspaper for their decision to report on a Stokes family tragedy that occured over three decades ago.