Can cricket ever reach a global market?

Millions of people worldwide love the thrilling game of cricket, especially in nations like India, Pakistan, Australia, and England. Cricket hasn’t taken off in other parts of the world, most notably North America and Canada, despite its enormous popularity in some areas.

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Challenges to cricket’s growth

The need for infrastructure and facilities to support the sport is a barrier to cricket’s global growth. Unlike soccer, which can be played virtually anywhere with minimal equipment, cricket requires specialized equipment and facilities such as cricket grounds and nets. The cost and logistical challenges of building these facilities in new markets can be prohibitive, making introducing the sport to new regions difficult.

Efforts to expand the reach of cricket

Despite these challenges, attempts are being undertaken to bring cricket to new markets. The Minor League Cricket (MiLC), a new professional cricket league, was established in 2020 thanks to measures initiated by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s governing body. The league, consisting of eight clubs from throughout the nation, intends to provide young, upcoming cricketers with a stage to demonstrate their abilities and earn recognition.

In addition, the success of Twenty20 cricket, a shorter and more fast-paced version, has helped generate interest in cricket among younger audiences and new markets. The format has proven particularly popular in countries such as India, where the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become a cultural phenomenon, drawing in millions of viewers, and producing billions of dollars in revenue.

However, even with these efforts, cricket still needs to reach a global market. The sport’s complex rules and terminology can confuse those unfamiliar, making attracting new fans difficult. Additionally, cricket’s long-form matches, which can last several days, may not appeal to audiences used to more fast-paced and action-packed sports.

Olympic inclusion: Unlocking cricket’s worldwide potential

For the sport to truly capture a worldwide audience, it must find a place in the Olympics. This prestigious platform would not only introduce the game to new fans but also provide an opportunity for smaller cricketing nations to showcase their talent. Including a shorter format like The Hundred in the 2032 Olympics would be particularly strategic, as it offers fast-paced, exciting matches that appeal to diverse audiences.

The Hundred’s dynamic format could make cricket more accessible and entertaining to viewers worldwide, fostering the growth of cricket’s global market and solidifying its status as a universally cherished sport.


Cricket has established itself as a popular and beloved sport in some areas of the world, but it still has a long journey to cover before it can be considered a global sport. Efforts to expand the sport’s reach, such as establishing new professional leagues and promoting shorter formats like Twenty20, are a step in the right direction.