WATCH: MS Dhoni alters OPPOSITION field placing

MS Dhoni India World Cup PA

The extraordinary follows MS Dhoni around like no other. But the great man outdid himself this time.

It’d be hard for mere mortals not to get carried away when you receive a rapturous ovation for… walking out for a net. But Dhoni transcends simple fandom. The man has encapsulated the cult of personality.

In India’s final warm-up, Dhoni bludgeoned his team to a comfortable 95-run win, but in the midst of the innings he decided all was not to his liking in the field.

Most of us, most other players in fact, would step away and see the delivery called dead if a bizarre field placement caught our eye. Not our man.

Watch below as Dhoni kindly takes Bangladeshi leg spinner Sabbir Rahman under the learning tree.

This is MS Dhoni’s world, and we’re all just existing in it.