Announcer reprimanded for Amir taunt

New Zealand

New Zealand Cricket have been forced to apologise to their Pakistan counterparts, and paceman Mohammad Amir, after a stadium announcer during the current T20 series played a cash register noise when Amir bowled.

Amir recently returned to the international game after a five-year ban for match fixing, and announcer Mark McLeod referenced the money angle when he played the ping of a cash register during the third T20.

NZC chief David White told Fairfax media: "I think [playing the sound effect] was inappropriate and disrespectful, and has the effect of trivialising one of the biggest issues facing cricket at the moment.

"I've contacted the Pakistan team management to apologise, and to assure them there will be no repeat."

White went on to say that while fans had to be careful of abusing Amir and other players, he couldn't control the way big crowds of people behaved. He did say that action would be taken if anyone crossed the 'banter' line.

He added on Radio Sport: "A member of the public in the stands having a bit of banter and humour – it's different. We can't direct people how to behave all the time.

"There's a line of drunken disorderly abusive behaviour but stadiums are full of people in groups together, around the world there is banter. I guess there is the line that people need to stay within."