Hesson unhappy with unhelpful deck

New Zealand

New Zealand coach Mike Hesson has expressed disappointment at the grass coverage on the pitch at the Basin Reserve for the first Test against Australia, lamenting that his bowlers did not get a crack at the friendly conditions.

Day one saw New Zealand bowled out for 183 as the Aussies took advantage of what grass there was after winning the toss. After that, the pitch became rather flat, and the Kiwis were unable to prevent a 500-plus reply.

Hesson said he'd hoped for a bit more grass, so as to last a day longer and give his bowlers a chance to shine as well. He admitted that his top order did not adjust their techniques to the pitch, though.

Hesson said: "I would've liked this to be much greener than it was. It certainly only seamed for two hours and I think that meant that both sides weren't able to be exposed in those conditions.

"It's a bit different when it seams for two hours, it makes the toss a little bit more important. Ideally you want both sides to have a bit of a crack at it if it does seam.

"You look at the wickets we lost in the first session they were all from good length deliveries and they were able to get the ball to move off the straight and expose some of our techniques.

"That's something we'd like to think if we were in a similar situation we'd be able to do something similar.

"We had four guys out defending in the first hour. I don't think that's mental error; there are times that you have to accept that they put the ball in good areas, the ball seams you're going to nick it.

"When the ball seams you do end up playing a little bit wider than you'd like to. We certainly did that in the first hour or so."

The coach did conceded that batsmen of international standard should be able to cope with any conditions, and said his top order would need to improve drastically before the second Test, as conditions would be similar.

He added: "We faced different conditions throughout the match. We were challenged in the first session and if we were able to get through three down instead of five, possibly things could have been a little bit different.

"That's something we're going to have to get right in the next Test because likely we'll face conditions that will seam as well."