McCullum wanted to play for the right reasons

New Zealand

Outgoing New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum wants to be remembered as a player that played the game for the right reasons and was always prepared to take the positive option.

After 101 Tests, McCullum bowed out of international cricket as the Black Caps were defeated by Australia in the second and final Test in Christchurch as the Aussies won the two-match series two-nil.

The last two years, since McCcullum took on the leadership of the Kiwi side, have seen New Zealand play a brand of cricket that has the Black Caps as everyone's second favourite side and rekindled the love of the sport from the public back home.

The Black Caps reached the World Cup final last year under McCullum where they lost to Australia while he personally went out in a blaze of glory, striking the fastest century in Test history (54 balls) in his final Test.

McCullum said: "The latter part of my career is when I realised that, when you're almost at a stage that you weren't enjoying the game, when you come to that realisation, you try to get back the innocence of why you started playing the game in the first place.

"I was lucky enough that that eventuated while I still had the opportunity to go out and spend three or four years in the latter stage of my career.

"As a good team man, it would be nice to be remembered. As a guy who played for the right reasons and who, if in doubt, was prepared to take the positive option. Hopefully, the guys that I've played with will remember you as a good bloke as well."

Asked how the team would be led now that he has stepped down, McCullum says the key now is that New Zealand try to be more consistent in world cricket.

Batsman Kane Williamson, who was for a long time McCullum's deputy, will take over the leadership of the side.

McCullum continued: "They're a little bit younger, and a bit more professional than what I am – I'm probably a bit more old-school – and that will assist in being able to take the team to a more consistent level.

"If there's one criticism of us, we've probably been a little bit inconsistent with flashes of brilliance. The next stage for this team is to reach a high-performing level on a consistent basis."