NZC: There’s no D/N Test in place with India


New Zealand Cricket have refuted the BCCI's assertion that India and the Black Caps have finalised a deal to play a day-night Test, saying there has been very little discussion on the matter.

BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur said on Friday that the boards had agreed to the match, which would be a first for India, but NZC boss Lindsay Crocker said on Friday that while there may have been a bit of discussion about it, it was far from a done deal.

Cricket explained on that he was surprised to see the reports of the agreement, as he knew nothing about it: "The first I heard of it was the news that broke overnight.

"But [NZC chief executive] David [White] maybe a little closer to it because he is in Dubai at the [ICC] chief executive's conference.

"Alphabetically, India traditionally sit next to New Zealand at these conferences so David would have no doubt talked to his Indian equivalent about the concept.

"But it would have been relatively fresh news to him as well because it certainly wasn't a discussion we were having when David left a couple of days ago.

"India are quite definitive, which is quite exciting because they seem quite committed to the idea. We hadn't considered that would be an option, so there is a bit of water to go under the bridge from our side.

"It is certainly very exciting for us to potentially be involved in the first Asian day-night [Test]."

If the boards do agree, the match could be played in India later this year. Meanwhile, Australia are still trying to convince South Africa to have their third Test in Adelaide in November played under lights.