NZC waiting to see how Adelaide Test goes

New Zealand

With the first ever day-night Test just two months away, New Zealand's cricket bosses say they're open to hosting such a match as well, depending on how well the game in Adelaide goes in late November.

The Black Caps will face Australia under lights at the Adelaide Oval, using the pink ball from Kookaburra, and if the game goes well, then the Black Caps may also find themselves hosting one in future.

New Zealand Cricket boss Lindsay Crocker said: "There's a whole range of things we need to look at. I don't think the idea of a day-night test (in New Zealand) has ever been a dead duck.

"It will be an interesting exercise to see if there is any differences with the pink ball. If the Adelaide match is successful, then potentially who knows?

"It may be something we try down the track. If it's successful, why wouldn't we look at it as a potential option?

"But it's wrong to say we've got a match earmarked for a future day-night Test. We're just trying to bring everything together to see whether it's possible for us as well."

Black Caps coach Mike Hesson said he wasn't thinking about the Test as anything other than a proper match, but with one key difference. He mentioned the issue with the ball, but hoped they'd be prepared for how it behaved.

Hesson said: "I don't think experiment is the right word because they've done that (experimenting) for years. They've had many games with pink balls. It is just that this is the first Test match.

"(The ball] is very much in between a white one and red one. A white ball does not last more than 30 overs really, in terms of keeping its colour, and it gets really soft.

"They (Kookaburra) have apparently worked pretty hard to make sure the pink ball does not do the same.

"There has been talk of the ball getting really soft. It certainly does not buff up as well as the red ball."