Ryder grateful for relatively brief ban

New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder has conceded he was careless in consuming a banned substance.

New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder has conceded he was careless in consuming a banned substance.

Ryder has been banned for six months for failing a drug test earlier this year – and will be available to play again in October, after the retrospective sentence concludes.

Ryder tested positive for 1-Phenylbutan-2-amine (PBA) and N, alphadiethyl-benzeneethanamine (DEBEA) in March. He was provisionally suspended a month later, but the hearing didn't take place until August.

"It was definitely no-one else's fault but mine for taking the pill. I did all the research and found nothing wrong with them. My one fault – other than taking them – was not contacting Drug Free Sport New Zealand to check whether the pill was on a banned list," Ryder told <i>Fairfax Media</i>.

"It has been a long few months, not knowing if I've still got a career left or not, if you fail a test you can get two years. I feel fortunate. Six months was what I was hoping for. It wasn't the worst I could have got."

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The 29-year-old could have been banned for up to 24 months, but the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand accepted that there had been no intention to cheat on the part of Ryder, who unknowingly ingested the stimulants via the dietary supplement Gaspari Detonate.

The hard-hitting left-hander has not played international cricket since 2012 and, five months ago, was in induced coma after being assaulted outside a Christchurch bar.

"It's always going to be a time thing and I have seen improvement so hopefully it just continues. If I'm hitting the ball well on the bowling machine I figure I'll be pretty good to go in late October," he added.

"All going well I'd push for the West Indies tour in December, but that's probably not realistic. I'd have to perform pretty well over the start of the summer to get a look in at that. Hopefully all going well, the India series in February 2014.''