Taylor describes ‘bizarre’ captaincy interview

New Zealand

Former Blackcaps skipper, Ross Taylor, has opened up about his time as captain, saying that he know believes the honour came a little bit too early in his career.

Taylor captained New Zealand for a mere 18 months, before being replaced by Brendon McCullum in December 2012.

The dynamic kiwi batsman was interviewed ahead of being appointed captain, something he found odd, Taylor told ESPN Cricinfo: "I don't know many people who would have to interview to become the national team captain, so that was a strange thing to deal with. It was bizarre, very bizarre."

69-Test veteran Taylor has mixed feelings about his time as captain, and was at a loss as to how to describe his tenure, saying: "It was an honour and a privilege to get the job but I really don't know how to describe it. I guess when I write my book I'll go into depth a bit more, but it was different. At least when I finish my cricket career I can say I've had one job interview!

"I enjoyed captaincy, it brought the best out of my game, but it's an unrewarding job. Heath Mills, from the New Zealand Players Association, always said it was unrewarding. He was right."

Taylor has confessed that he believes he wasn't quite ready for the captaincy, saying: "I always thought I could do it but it came a couple of years before I was ready. I was just getting into a bit of form and then had the added responsibility of being captain."

The 32-year-old described the taxing nature of international captaincy: "Until you do the job, you don't realize how much there is involved in it. Your brain is ticking the whole time. The only time you aren't thinking cricket is when you aren't playing. And with the amount of cricket being played now, that's not very often."

The right-hander believes he is a better player for the experience, but also feels the knock he took losing the captaincy will always be with him: "It has made me who I am today,

 "I don't think I'd be human if it didn't affect me in some sort of way.
Despite his regrets, Taylor has concurred with Kevin Pietersen's opinion that the captaincy is a job nobody can turn down: "I watched KP do a documentary on ITV one time. They asked him if he regretted taking the captaincy, and he said you can never turn down the job. He's right."

The former skipper is looking forward to seeing the Blackcaps team develop under newly appointed captain, Kane Williamson, saying: "It has the potential to be the best New Zealand side.

"We've got quite a lot of young talent coming through and there are a couple of big Test series in the next couple of years. We're sixth [current rankings have New Zealand ranked fifth] in the Test rankings, so there's still a long way to go, but it's exciting. It's nice to be a part of it.

"Kane and Brendon are totally different people. Being vice-captain, like Kane was, is hard, as vice-captaincy is one of the toughest jobs in cricket.

"Now he's captain full-time, he is not coming in and treading on any toes.

"I'm sure he will do very well as captain, and in the future Kane will be one of the best ever batsmen. Scoring runs, as he's doing, and having him as captain bodes well for the future of New Zealand."

New Zealand will take on Zimbabwe in two Tests the first of which will get underway on the 29th of July before crossing the Limpopo river into South Africa for a further two Tests against the Proteas.