Voges: Pink ball didn’t hold up very well


Australia batsman Adam Voges has voiced his concern about the deterioration and loss of colour of the pink ball, after playing against New Zealand in a tour match on Friday.

Voges was playing a 50-over match for the Australia Prime Ministers XI against the Black Caps in Canberra, a game which the tourists won by 102 runs.

The Aussies will play the first ever day/night Test, with the pink ball, at the Adelaide Oval starting on 27 November which will be the third match of the three-Test series.

Speaking after the match on Friday, Voges said: "There wasn't much pink left on it by the end of the game. The one that got hit onto the roof [by Martin Guptill] and didn't come back was 28 overs old and it looked like it was 68 overs old to be fair.

"To be honest, it didn't hold up very well at all tonight. It looked as though the lacquer had come off and it was turning green basically. There were bits of pink left, but it was more green than pink by the end.

"I know that it stopped swinging, there was no reverse-swing or anything like that because both sides get chunked up equally, but yeah the older it gets, I can't see it being any easier to see."

Australia's six domestic franchises will use the ball in the opening round of the Sheffield Shield four-day competition, starting on 28 October.