WATCH: Joe Denly produces candidate for worst dropped catch in Test history

Jofra Archer reaction Joe Denly dropped catch Kane Williamson

Joe Denly’s unexpected Test career has been largely defined by broadly unexpected competence. We’re still not sure how and why he’s there, but he’s done no worse than anyone else in a very weird year for England’s Test side and significantly better than some.

Joe Denly’s final day of the second Test against New Zealand in Hamilton was not defined by competence. It – and quite possibly his whole career – was instead defined by a dropped catch that defied all logic and prompted some incredible reactions.

The reaction of the bowler, Jofra Archer, denied a prize wicket at the end of a chastening tour, was spectacular. As, inevitably, was Stuart Broad’s Hashtag Broadface reprise. He also seemed to have a sixth sense for what was about to happen, somehow seeming to react to the dropped catch before it happened.

Ironically, that is traditionally more of a Jofra trait. But don’t worry, despite his celebradrop in the moment, Jofradamus still called the drama many years in advance.

We’re also extremely partial to Craig McMillan’s camp tittering in the commentary box. We’ve grown slightly obsessed over the last couple of weeks with McMillan, with his cardigans and his tank tops and his hats and his face that could play the Lion in the Wizard of Oz without make-up. This was a strong end to a strong series for the former Black Caps all-rounder.

The match itself ended all square after New Zealand scored 241 runs against England. We haven’t checked, but we’re pretty sure that’s probably never happened before.