Watson: Kiwis always punch above their weight


Australia allrounder Shane Watson says the Aussies will have to play good cricket of they want to topple New Zealand in their World T20 Super 10 game on Friday even though they have good record against their Trans-Tasman rivals.

The Aussies beat the Blackcaps in the World Cup final in Melbourne last year and Watson says he and his team will certainly remind their opponents about that result on Friday.

The burly right-handed Watson admitted though that New Zealand always punch above their weight at international tournaments.

Watson said: "Look there's no doubt that the Kiwis always play very well and they always punch above their weight and they've been playing very good cricket especially over the last couple of years.

"But knowing the history I've had playing against them, we've always played very well against them as well and there's still quite a few people – players who are still there in that New Zealand team – who know that history and have been involved in the history as well.

"So we'll certainly be letting them know of that, because they're going to have to be at their absolute best to beat us. In the end we are going to have to play well whoever we play in this tournament no doubt.

"But knowing that there's a good rivalry and a good history there as well in big games that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of against the Kiwis, hopefully it follows a similar route."