Waugh: Think of the bigger picture, lads!

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh has told players to stop moaning about the pink ball, and instead think of the bigger picture in that Test cricket needs an overhaul in order to drawn bigger crowds.

Australia and New Zealand's players have been using the pink Kookaburra ball in warm up games ahead of the Test series in November, and the reports have not bee favourable, with Peter Siddle, Tom Latham, and Adam Voges all saying the ball did not hold up well.

But Waugh feels the scheduling advantages of day-night Tests, in terms of TV times and allowing people to come to games after work, are far more important in the long run, if they want to keep Test cricket thriving.

Waugh told Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast: "I think it's (day-night Tests) a great initiative for cricket.

"Test cricket is withering away in a lot of countries. Australia and England are the only two places where people come to watch Tests, so we have to stimulate excitement and get people watching again.

"Once we play one (day-night) Test people will go, 'What were we worried about?'

"People want to see a little bit of change. Sometimes it's hard for players to understand that, but sometimes you've got to see the bigger picture for the good of Test cricket.

"It might not be a perfect ball, it might discolour a bit and it might be tough for batsmen for some portion of the match, but it's been that way for one-day cricket since it started.

"There's always been that twilight area after tea where the lights are not quite perfect, but you just get on with it."

Waugh added that he'd long been pushing for day-night Tests, especially when he was part of the MCC's World Cricket Committee: "That was one of the things we were pushing for probably 10 years ago.

"I think it's needed. Not so much in Australia, where we have good crowds, but in a lot of other countries where the Test match crowds are basically non-existent, you need to ignite the interest and the passion and I think day-night cricket will do that.

"I remember when World Series cricket started, I was a young kid and I was that excited to go and see a day-night game with a white ball.

"We need that sort of thing happening in Tests."

The first day-night Test will be played in  Adelaide on 23 November, and will be the third Test in the series.