MCC to propose ‘shot clocks’ to curb slow over-rates

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting says the MCC World Cricket Committee has discussed bringing in “shot clocks” and run penalties to speed up over-rates in all forms of cricket.

Ponting, who played 168 Tests for the Aussies, is now part of the advisory committee of the MCC and they have proposed that the ICC try to speed up the game.

Under the ICC’s current code of conduct, minor over-rate offences sees teams and captains receiving a fine while a serious offence can lead to the skipper being banned.

The MCC have now urged cricket’s governing body to take a tougher stance on slow play and have proposed a range of ideas to cut “dead time” in games.

Ponting said: “It probably seems a little extreme, the idea of the shot clock.

“But once again this year, in all three formats of the game, the over rates have been in decline again.

“So we’ve talked about the idea of the shot clock and that’s basically for the dead time in the game. It’s not going to be when the bowler is at the top of his mark and running in because that’s hard to gauge.

“It’s the dead time. The end of the over. The fielders and bowlers have to be back in position and that’s non-negotiable.”

Ponting said the committee also favoured that teams be sanctioned with a run penalty rather than fines for players.

The former Australia captain added: “The fining of players hasn’t been administered often, certainly through the last 12 months. A ‘there and then’ run penalty would definitely be worth looking at.

“You would imagine then the captains would take a huge responsibility in making sure their players are ready through the course of the day.

“If they are not in a position for three or four overs, that could be 20 runs … that could decide a Test match.”