The United States could be awarded a major ICC event in the next cycle

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The United States could be awarded a major International Cricket Council (ICC) event in the next cycle starting 2024 according to reports.

ICC CEO Allardice said the ICC remains committed to expanding the game globally and holding events in countries where the sport is growing in popularity.

Speaking from Dubai, Allardice confirmed that the ICC were looking at ways to expand beyond traditional cricketing strongholds.

“Taking an ICC event or a World Cup of any description to a developing cricket country has a huge impact whether it’s on facilities or awareness of the game particularly when the local team is involved,” said Allardice.

“It’s a great opportunity to develop the game.”

The ICC’s dream of making it to the Olympics in Los Angeles got a boost early this year when the Board of Control for Cricket India put aside their reluctance to join the push.

“Over the last decade, we have had various member countries expressing interest in being part of the Olympic games,” said Allardice.

“This time we have got all our members on board and are unanimous in wanting to be part of the games. I don’t pretend it will be easy to campaign and be successful with the Los Angeles organising committee and beyond that Brisbane as well.

“There are going to be a lot of other attractive sports that are going to be interested. We are looking forward to putting our best foot forward.”

Cricket in the United States

Cricket in the United States appears to once again be on the up as the country sheds past problems with governance and seeks to establish Major League Cricket as a force on the franchise scene.

The drive to establish a regional T20 league with international stars is backed by prominent businessmen, many of whom have strong ties to India.

“T20 cricket will be the growth vehicle.” said a spokesperson for USA Cricket, cricket’s governing body in the United States.

“The combinatination of good governance within USA Cricket and that combined with our commercial partners can be beneficial to the sport.”

A lack of facilities has been a hindrance to the growth of the game but ambitious programmes to establish purpose-built cricket grounds across the United States are in the pipeline.