Windies players: “I want my lawyer!’

The West Indies players, all except Marlon Samuels, who left their tour of India due to a salary dispute have retained legal counsel, and insist they are in the right.

The Windies abandoned their tour after four ODIs, leaving the final dame and three Tests unplayed, because of a disagreement over the terms in a new salary agreement between their Players Association (WIPA) and the WICB.

Dwayne Bravo, the elected spokesman, said when all the ‘facts’ came to light, people would see the players were correct to stand their ground. But Samuels, who has claimed he didn’t want to leave the tour, is not part of the group.

Bravo said in his statement: “We recognise that a few have attempted to put the blame squarely on the players without the full knowledge of the facts.

“This is regrettable since a few persons are making statements without knowing all the relevant facts. In time, we believe, all the facts will come to light.

“We do not wish to make any further statements on this matter since the players on tour [except Mr. Samuels] with some additional players who did not tour India have appointed Counsel to represent them in this matter.

“We look forward to a speedy resolution and that our concerns, and that of all players including the first class players, are addressed in a satisfactory and timely manner.”