Cricket365 at Yorkshire’s Media Day

County Cricket
Headingley generic Yorkshire Cricket365 logo

We don’t get out much here at Cricket365. We spend our time locked away in a darkened room writing sarcastic crap for the internet. They whip us if we don’t write enough, or if it isn’t sarcastic enough.

It’s okay. We get three bowls of gruel a day. Sometimes they let us look out of the window. It’s nice to see the world outside. All those people scurrying around. They look so busy!

Today is a special day, though. It’s Yorkshire’s pre-season media day, so Cricket365 went off to Headingley.

While everyone else was asking questions about World Cups and Asheses and mankads and even occasionally Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s prospects for the 2019 season, we found out that Karl Carver likes sloths. You quite literally won’t find this content anywhere else.

What a day. If we keep our heads down and don’t rock the boat maybe they’ll let us out for a day again next year.